Ash Taylor

I like the bit on the first page that says he is 42ft 5ins tall.
Given this fact, how come he was so bad in the air?

There are several little fibs on his Wiki page. Such as him being 31 years old. Nonsense of course, he must be at least 51.

Imagine being 31 years old and having no banter past “you have a bad fringe”


Antics like this as well as his footballing ability show we’re well shot of the tool.

To be fair, the person goading him deserves nothing more.


Unprofessional ? Yes
Poor for us ? Yes
But let’s be fair it’s irrelevant, him and miller aren’t Walsall players so why goad him and not expect to get it back, when our players leave I unfollow them as I’m not interested in what they do after that.


He’s an idiot but he’s commenting on his former team mates move and a bunch of kids decided to jump on his comment, got what they deserved.


How I see it



On 7 July 2021, Taylor joined League Two side Walsall on a two-year deal.[56] On 14 January 2022, his contract with Walsall was terminated by mutual consent to the relief of Walsall fans given his performances and apparent lack of footballing ability. [57]

Some one enjoyed putting this on his Wikipedia page!


It’s déjà vu all over again! :roll_eyes:

It didn’t work out here - he’s moved on. End of.
j.rainer, whoever the dick is, needs to do that too. He doesn’t speak for me nor probably most fans. That’s something Taylor needs to get in his head too, and stop rising to the bate.

Has anyone read the full thread, some of our fans are so embarrassing (not gonna post the insults made towards his wife)

This was his original post to Miller

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You can say that again.


Shit banter on both sides. If anyone fancies a real laugh, watch this defending:

I’d forgotten how awful that was

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I’m not bothered what goes on on Social, but as a weathered football fan, Taylor was pretty bad. He wasn’t car crash, but was certainly working towards it. He’ll be sound in Scotland for at least another 4-5 years easy though! :rofl::+1: