Attention Season ticket holders

This was mentioned in another thread a few days ago, but I think it’s important enough to get a thread of its own. From next week the EFL will not be sending out codes for season ticket holders to watch matches. Instead the club will provide them with a list of email addresses and the EFL will automatically give those people access. This should be easier, but you must make sure that your email address is the same for iFollow and the club’s ticketing site - if you use different email addresses you will not get access. It seems that iFollow addresses cannot be changed so if you use a different email address for the ticketing site, go there and change it so that it matches your ifollow account.

There is an item on the club website about this, but for the life of me I cannot understand why the club have not emailed season ticket holders about this major change, they could have saved themselves a lot of grief.

Is there way of knowing this Longdogs?

The email address you use to log in to the eticketing site is the address the club have for you. If that’s not the same as the email address you use to log in to iFollow you need to change it.

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All iFollow accounts must be registered by Monday 26th October
Before 4 PM.

Will we receive a code for tomorrow’s match as I am logged on but it says I need to input a code as usual?

I believe that sometime after 4pm today (i.e. 20 minutes time) the club will pass on all the e-mail addresses it has for ST holders to iFollow. So long as the e-mail that you have used to create your Walsall iFollow account is the same one as tge club has for you, you don’t have to do anything and all home league games should be available to you automatically from now on (starting with our game tomorrow night).

So don’t try and purchase the game just yet - when they’ve updated the database you shouldn’t be allowed to as it will know you already have access rights.

I’ve just received a code for tomorrow nights game?! Confused to say the least!

Mine has just arrived. The new arrangement comes in from Saturday, so for us the Crawley game will be the first one.

Yes, I have just received my code too.

I stand corrected - won’t have to do anything to watch future home league games AFTER tomorrow’s.


Changed my e-ticketing email address to align with my ifollow email at 3.00pm.
Just received my code…to my old email address.
Should I be worried or should I be confident that everything will work like clockwork?

It’s only the EFL you’ve got to rely on, what could go wrong? :joy::joy:


This is going to be a car crash, why change the system?


This comment wouldn’t be out of place in a DC tactics thread :joy:


I think most people who want it have got into a bit of an ifollow rhythm. Those trying to download it onto their Atari have realised they need an upgrade. Those trying to bounce it off four satellites so that they can watch it intheir private cinema have given up and are watching it on their iPads. Those using yoghurt pots to amplify their wi-fi are still struggling but have grown strangely accustomed to watching a white circle going round whilst listening to a random commentary.

So just as it had all calmed down a bit they go here.



Basically, to stop users sharing codes with other supporters if they aren’t using theirs.

Which is a bit ■■■■ isn’t it?

My household had brought two season tickets because me and my son watch football together.

This doesn’t change when it is streamed - we watch it together.

So I have a season ticket and in lieu of that a code going spare given that we have chosen not to avail ourselves of the refund offered by our club.

I’d say we that having paid for it we should be able to do what we want with that code.

I know the t’s and c’s probably say non transferable a bit like the season tickets they replace. But come on. Folk share season tickets - folk share codes. No foul in my opinion. This feels like blatant profiteering that I doubt will actually result in any extra profit.


I can tell this is going to be a disaster. I’m surprised the club haven’t mentioned it a fair few time, an email out to the season ticket holders too to let them know maybe.

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So, do we need to input the code as usual for tomorrow’s game?
I too have received my code today but I’m confused.

Yes, put the code in for tomorrow. After that the match video should appear automatically in your iFollow account.