Can anyone help identify the signature on this shirt?
My mate got it signed around 2008 on his sons first shirt, but can’t remember by who.

this was the squad in 2007/08 season?

Thanks. I did look at that list earlier, but nothing jumps out to me from the list of names.

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I know i looked at it and it looks like the second letter from the end is an E and the last is a D ? or an S?

An incoherent squiggle? Perhaps it was Jimmy Mullen after being on the sauce! :beers:

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At 14.55 on a Saturday afternoon :dizzy_face:

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Looks like it starts with a C…so Clayton Ince? Maybe he didn’t take his gloves off :joy:

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I think it may be clayton ince would match the first letter and prob bit of a rushed squiggle on a shirt as leavng pitch or stadium I’m guessing.
Know i had something signed by him years ago before I gave it to charity that had a similiar start but as it was on a card the rest was lot neater then that so can’t be 100% this is him but seems likely.

I have just looked at the signed gloves i have from Clayton, and he uses a #1 on his autograph

Could be Chris Palmer?

Looks to me like ‘Carlos’.
Wasn’t Carlos Carniero with us in 2008?

Anyone asked Ben if he knows?

Ben was born in 2007!! If his dad can’t remember, don’t think he will. :slightly_smiling_face:

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just found this up loft must be about sixty years old, can name most of them just a few im struggling with. also one of my favourite players Alan Baker

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Nearly 60. Ray Shaw was manager from 64-68 but Terry Carling left in 66 so earlier than that.

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Think I can name them.

My daughter has done a clear out and found my old autograph book. I have Alan Buckley, Donald Penn (that’s what he wrote), John Horne,Colin Harrison, Paul Hayward, Kenny Mower, Ken Beech, Ronnie Green, Brian Caswell, Peter Hart, Andy Parkes, Mark Rees, Tony Macken, David Serella, Ian Roper, Matty ? , Roberto Martinez, Zigor, Gavin Ward, Simon Osborne and others I cannot read. I also have Swifty! My daughter did collect some of the later ones. It was interesting to look at it again.

I’d forgotten Gavin Ward played for us.
Matty ? could be Matty Gadsby or Matty Fryatt I suppose.

Just looked at it again and it is Matt Gadsby, thanks.

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1964 or 1965. Trevor Fosters’ autograph is there & his final season was 1965 I think.