Backroom staff changes

Great minds think alike W4E!

I used to love watching Marcus Stewart in his heyday: a quality striker and clever finisher. This could help Candlin’s development because he is crying out for some guidance. I had hoped that Fryatt could offer something more but he seems to have fallen off the radar. Even Bowerman was mentioned under Keates but I have no idea what their roles at the club are now…

Definitely good news the new men can only be better.It is difficult to name a single player who has progressed in the last twelve months and very easy to name several who have gone backwards or in the case of the younger players dropped out of the first team picture altogether.We just need a similar clear out of the deadwood at boardroom level and the future will actually look a lot brighter.


Not so keen on the 18s and Development Team management being strongly linked with the first team staff

We ge generally have a good track record of youngsters thanks to McManus, Halsall etc etc these guys and their predecessors sat in the role for long periods of time under various managers.

That helps provide a level of consistency within the clubs academy pathway. Rather than it being changed on a whimsical nature in line with the first team back room staff.

Hope it works out


Seems we may be going quality over quantity with these appointments, something I’m very use to :wink:

Wasn’t as good a cone collector though

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George Evans - I would take him over Osbourne any day…

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Yeah. It’s not about loans Vs permanent, kids vs local academy products so on.

It’s about selecting the best players for us on whatever deal.


One example.And then he went back - and that was that.

Proving my point.

Not it is about that - having a clear direction which enables the Club to build a squad, rather than it being filled with other Clubs players, which will never give us a chance to build (because they leave within the same season or after one season)

Loans should be primarily used to cover long term injuries.

We need a gradual build rather than just chucking everything up in the air every close season - or repeat what Keates did - and panic sign during the season.


It’s madness to expect a club on our budget to not expect them to use loans, normally with cheap or even completely paid by parent club wages, to bolster the starting line up.

Not sure many clubs will want to send their youngsters here to sit on our bench to cover injuries. They might as well do that at their clubs. Personally I couldn’t give a toss if our best players are on loan or not, as long as they do the job.


I can never get my head around people hating loan players. They are a very useful tool to get quality we probably would never sign permanently when used correctly.


You build nothing with what you suggest for the reasons I clearly described.

Wolves seem to have built a fair amount while using loan deals. Nonsense to suggest you can’t build anything whilst using loans.

For me I don’t want to see any more than 1-2 loan players in the starting line up at one time.


But they are not in the same position as us, so it’s ridiculous to compare us to a Premier League team!

A sensible comparison is Salop failing in the play offs year before last, 3 best players return to their parent clubs and its a relegation fight last season.

We should build, grow, sell when the time is right. Just like Dean Smith did.

The loan system worked for Barnsley a few seasons ago


What has being at a different level got to do with it? Scale is a thing. You just said you build nothing with that method. But really if you use them properly and for the right personnel there is no reason you can’t build a team at the same time. Besides there was only one league difference last season. Season before that they were nearly relegated back down to our level. They’ve built pretty well if you ask me.

Salop over achieved that season but your scenario is no different, selling “when the time is right” is no different to loans running out and sending the players back. All goes back to my point:

The deal is irrevant if it’s the right player at the right time.

Because Barnsley loaned quality players who would not be allowed anywhere near Walsall.

Yep. Luton Town had as many loans this season as they are allowed as well.

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