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Dont talk about them lot. They don’t like this site apparently! :joy:


And they have ‘insiders’ on here…


WFHYS is full of seat sniffers and they know it. Unfortunately I’m banned from posting there for sticking up for UTS. Such a shame! :joy:


Such nonsense, he won loads of headers but never had anyone near him to run onto them. Ozzy only really wanted ball to feet so never clicked with those two. The mistake was limping aimless balls up to an isolated striker…


Im sorry but his heading ability is absolutely woeful for his size. He’d not even bother to jump half the time!


Ozzy was more interested in going it alone than providing meaningful service, largely because he though he was better than everyone else, and needed to do it all (he usually was, and did mind). Arguing that he had service because he had Ozzy is therefore specious.

Had he been given a shot in a team like we have now, with a partner and wingers, I guarantee he would score more, however we will now never know so onwards and upwards.


Keates has said in today’s E&S that the sale of Bakayoko has given him more ‘freedom’ in the transfer market - looks like he will be seeing some of the money after all


The Ozzy argument is irrelevant. We couldn’t figure out how to play through midfield so we played over it making Ozzy ineffective and left to pick up lose balls and try to feed through to one isolated striker surrounded by 4 defenders and it was never going to work. Nor was being able to flick it on to no one when he’s been coached throughout his youth to offer to feet and most importantly have movement off him as soon as the ball hit his feet. When he did that, he did it well. Poorly coached post Smith.


Doesn’t matter if Ozzy is in the team or not if he is going to spanner it from 7 yards (54 seconds in):


What about the countless times when Bakayoko was 6 yards in front of goal and missing? That’s not poor coaching. That’s called being a bit ■■■■.

I don’t get this sudden love in with him. He’s shown flashes but all players do! Occasionally Flanagan would play an incredible pass but he was still ■■■■.


Mate that miss sums him up!


It’s genuinely the one time I’ve given him some stick. I couldn’t actually believe what I was watching.


I take it you and @Cully will stop posting on this board? Well, if you’re not a football manager you apparently have no right to express opinions.

I also presume Cully will no longer post opinions on politics as he is (thankfully) not a politician?


Coventry apparently after Paddy Madden aswell. So that’ll put Bakayoko as 5th/6th or even 7th choice possibly and they only play one upfront.

We’ve done some great business here.


I would hate for you lot to watch the several clips of Ferrier getting around the back of teams and smashing it straight at the keeper then. This includes the one on sat when he got around the back. Or is it a case of “look shinny new thing”


What’s it got to do with clips? I’ve watched Baka week in week out? I’ll judge Ferrier on the same basis when he gets there.

But being excited that a player has come and could be great and being happy we are getting rid of one that clearly isn’t are not the same thing.


Ah, but here’s the thing, We haven’t seen enough yet of Ferrier to form an informed view of his footballing merits yet (unless that crystal ball is up and running).

People have seen plenty of Bakayoko’s performances to form an opinion of his abilities.


It’s a case of Ferrier brought more in that one game than Bakayoko does in 5. I judge what I see. I am excited by Ferrier based on what I saw Saturday. Bakayoko is ■■■■ based on what I’ve seen for the past 2 seasons.


I’ve got nothing against Ferrier, tbh it was a rubbish attempt to make my arguement. The point still stands that I didnt write Baka off and I think we’re going to be shocked at his progression


He won’t progress there. He’s a 1 in 10 striker at any level and under any coaching and in any team. He just doesn’t seem like the type of player to want to put in a shift every game and score goals, which is what he’s paid to do. Look at Fleetwood away last season. He was god awful and then spent 10 minutes literally walking around.

I know it’s only one game, but Ferrier looks like everything Bakayoko should be. Holding up the ball, pace and a real nuisance for defenders.

I hope Baka can prove everyone wrong, but I personally can’t see it.