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I hope he doesn’t. He plays for Coventry City now.


He’ll score a goal in the next week or two, and some posters will be rushing to post how we’ve made a mistake selling him. Long term I think he’ll do ok, and good luck to him, but I think moving on is the right decision for everyone.


Oh an it is an absolute certainty he will get dogs abuse when Cov play us and he will score a wonder goal to win it in the 90th.


I won’t be abusing him when we play Coventry (if he’s in the team!). I saw him enough times last season to have formed my opinion. When we played AFC Wimbledon at the end of last season, a game we only had to win to more-or-less guarantee survival, he played upfront with Ngoy. Neither of them won a ball in the air all afternoon or held the ball up. Baka was useless in that game and offered nothing. That cemented my opinion of his ability. Good luck at Coventry, you may come back to bite us, but right now, £170k looks good business for a player we could have released for nothing.


Couldn’t agree more: Korey had a mare in the second half and we retreated far too deep making Lyle Taylor look like a world beater; however, Baka and Ngoy were like statues and seemed totally bereft of ideas. It was like playing with 9 men: one of the worst halves of football I’ve ever seen by Walsall


I realise that nobody cares but in my opinion Baka will be a useful player going forward. He used to score goals, he used to win headers and he has more pace than many including Cook. If he can regain the first two he will do a job for Coventry and as usual in these situations probably on us.

Football is a confidence game with these young players and Baka has lost most of his. If the fans get behind him and they don’t just lump him upfront on his own I am sure he will come good.

Having said all that it’s a good bit of business especially if there is a sell on clause. Mind you we would sell the roof is someone offered the right money, I have already bought an umbrella in case.


I agree Optmistic. He was prolific as a kid. He’s just looked a bit lost with us the last couple of years. But that might be because the club itself was lost and there was nobody who could help him.

Mark Robins is perfect for him.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if in a couple of seasons Troy Deeney day was replaced by Amadou Bakayoko day.


When did he score goals?


Must have been Pleck park with jumpers for goal posts :joy:


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The key thing for me is that he never improved. He had a decent spell of four or five games (around the time he scored and got sent off against Shrewsbury at home), but never had a real consistency about him.The basics like his first touch and using his body to protect the ball never developed and he just stagnated.

You can be an effective centre forward even if you don’t score many goals. Look at the likes of Jabo for us, or someone like Kevin Davies at Bolton. Even Jorge in his last couple of seasons. They weren’t prolific but contributed so much the the rest of the team by being able to hold up the ball, bring others into play and occupy defences. I never really got the feeling that Baka was going to be able to do this.

Agreed, in the majority of his time here, he was coached by Whitey. He can be blamed for all sorts of things, but surely the basics of being a footballer are down to the individual. We’ll see if he improves under Robins. All the best to the lad though


Sooo, Ferrier missed how many sitters today?


Bakayoko started for Coventry City today, at AFC Wimbledon. He was substituted on 64 minutes, and the game ended 0-0…