Yeah well he’s got 90 odd games to rack up the same amount of sitters Baka did. Long way to go.


What sort of a comment is this? Do you want him to fail or something so that you can crow that we should have never let Baka go?

The guy has played a game and a half, in a division that is two steps up the pyramid, in a team that he has known the personnel of for precisely 9 days.

Good grief man. Give the guy a chance. If he is still misfiring after 2 months then maybe you have a point. But to make a remark like this after approximately 150 minutes in a Walsall shirt is ridiculous.


Nah, just an observation that most strikers at this level miss guilt edged chances, and that everyone was talking about Ferrier as if he was leagues ahead of Bakayoko based on 60 minutes or so - which is the other side to your argument.

I very much hope he succeeds.


I didn’t go today, so I can’t comment on today’s performance, but based on his 60 minute debut last Saturday, I thought he generally terrified a good defence, put himself about, got into good positions and won a terrific penalty when he was about to possibly pull the trigger on his first goal in a Walsall shirt.

He played a lot better than Bakayoko showed in multiple home games in that first hour.

All strikers/forwards at our level miss chances, that is why they are at our level. Baka could have scored a hat trick today for Poverty and I’d have felt exactly the same as I did last week.

Once Ferrier and Cook are reading each other better, then we could be in for some real fun.


Gotta say, Ferrier has more about him than Bakayoko ever will have in his career. I’m sure most people can see that.

Everything Baka should be able to do - hold up balls and defenders, run at teams, frighten them, etc., Ferrier already does.

Once Ferrier, Cook, Ginnelly and Ismail click properly, there will be goals galore I’m sure of it


Seems like a few Cov fans are already questioning their striker purchase…


Forced their keeper into a great save first half, put one wide on his weaker foot and put a bicycle kick just wide when his back was to goal.

Apart from that, he was a constant threat, holding up the ball, bringing others into play and he’s going to be a player with great potential.


According to their forum he missed 2 sitters and have wrote him off already


And was still five times the player Baka ever was. Full of running, so much strength. Not bullied around like half arsed Bakayoko.


And will probably be his best performance for them. Well he may get a few in the Checkatrade.


Doesn’t really matter. What people are doing is called “resulting” in poker. Judging a decision on its outcome rather than how well you handled the information you had at the time. The implication is that if he comes good, it’s a bad decision to sell.If he doesn’t , a good one But , to me the evidence to hand suggests that while that’s not out of the question ,so many things would have to go unexpectedly well for him for that to happen that it’s a good piece of business. That’s regardless of how it might look with hindsight.


He has gone and I wish him well but his performances are of no concern to me. He couldn’t play the lone striker role and I would liked to have seen him in a two up front but that won’t happen now. I would much prefer to comment on our team and its performances than worry about Baka. and Coventry.


Managers down here always have a big thing for big strong physical targetmen so guess a few have looked at Baka when he’s been on it (usually against Sheffield United) and think they can get 20 performances out of him a season.

Look at how many moves players like Akinfewa and Hanson have had in their careers.

I don’t really think though at league 1 level Baka is that good a finisher. Already he was hitting the ball at the keeper yesterday. Maybe he’ll do better at league 2 level but very much doubt he’s the next Grigg.


He’s gone and that’s that. Time to let go on this one I think.


Looking at the Coventry forum, most didn’t seem that impressed with him. Someone said we must be laughing all the way to the bank.


They’d be right.


Sorry I haven’t replied earlier and I trust I’m not too late but can you explain exactly what is going on in your brain?

Can’t see any post by me stating that you have no right to express an opinion on the subject of football or politics unless you are football manager or a politician.:face_with_monocle:

While I’m on, can you let me know what type of brush would be suitable for sweeping up some leaves?


Forming or having your own opinion, based on facts, is an advantage, acting like a sheep is not something I can be accused of.


       I like this Striker                   I also like this Striker
         Bakayoko                                    Ferrier
          £200k                                        £35k

                  Good job Walsall shop at Aldi


Aldi? Don’t you mean Betabuys?!