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We, sorry Suffolk Life certainly are, but only as an ‘asset’ on their books, the 2,000 instalments over 10 years agreed will be on rubber cheques!
Their fans don’t seem to be too impressed do they? haha!


For Coventry City’s match at Blackpool tonight both Bakayoko and Jordy Hiwula started on the bench. Amadou came on to play after only 5 minutes, but something’s not quite right because he was then substituted on 71 minutes, Jordy taking his place.

Coventry lost 2-0


Let’s hope there no returns policy on the deal!

In all seriousness though, I was one of those saying he may have come good playing with a partner, but he’s gone now and he wouldn’t have got into the team anyway.

Cook/Ferrier or Bakayoko? Simple choice really.

He’s gone - good luck to him, but we should all just move on now.




sounds like baka has a problem lol coventry forum tonight Bakayoko was horrendous.and robins said this as well ‘Bakayoko looked like he was playing with no thought at all, don’t know him and his personality that well yet but I hope I don’t see that side of it again’ coventry fans not happy :grin::grin::grin:


fudge me i aint a manager or a scout and neither are 99% of saddlers, but “WE COULD HAVE TOLD YOU THAT” :joy:


Quotes from L1 forum

'Subbed on and subbed off (albeit he was forced to bring him on after 5 minutes).
Manager calling him out after the game for his attitude and performance.
Booed off by the fans.
Rest of us calling it the worst performance from a striker in a Coventry shirt.

Other than that, not bad.’

‘Bakayoko genuinely may as well leave the club now. He’s clearly not good enough and he’s never going to win the fans over it, it’s just going to get more and more toxic. Feel for the lad as he’s not been given any sort of chance by the fans but he’s just not what we need and the longer he continues to be offered up as the answer to McNulty void the nastier it’s going to get.’


Getting a fee for Bakayoko was akin to selling sand to the Arabs. He proved last season that he wasn’t good enough for League 1. For a guy his size, he has very little presence. It looks like he will be consigned to Cov’s reserves and then given a free transfer. He’s League 2 standard at best. Please can we get the transfer fee paid ASAP.


And they could have had Ferrier for £35k!! :joy:


Just had a look on the Cov forum , majortity of their fans calling him lazy , bad attitude , and frustrated as he didn’t win a header all night etc etc.

Further proof that us mere fans can build an opinion on a player and not be wrong. If I was the Coventry owner I’d be livid that Robins wasted such money.



Knowing the Coventry owners they will probably decided to just not oh their bills again


Or pay Baka


I’ve been wishing for a few years that we weren’t!


When you read the reports and forums , it really does make you wonder how these people are getting paid a wage when they offer so little.

Stealing a living


If were them I would loan him out ASAP,give the fans time to cool off, hopefully he can start banging a few goals in in the lower leagues get some confidence back and return a better player.


Personally I think we were quite patient with him considering he played 100+ games for us.


So many Walsall fans saying “Oooh, give the lad a chance”. We did. over 100 chances, and in the main he was bloody awful. Not a natural strikers bone in his body. Way too long to react to situations, only interested if the ball came directly to him, no killer instinct when gilt edged chances came his way.

It’s unbelievable we’re rid of him AND have money for him.

Don’t wish the lad any ill, but glad he’s not still here.


No fair play to him , you can guarantee he’s received a pay rise along with a big signing on fee.

I’m sure he will be ok .


Those Coventry fans are so racist.


Till contract renewal time, and we’ve already played that trick card…