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He will be fine once he has had time to set up his car valeting business on the club car park :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He made many of those appearances under Whitney who clearly saw something that almost no-one else did.

He didn’t appear to pull up any trees during his loan spells at Southport, Telford or Worcester either.


Another from the Coventry forum…

Bakayoko 1 - What in the ■■■■ was that?! At least try and do something to affect the game, it’s difficult playing up top as a line striker but try and put yourself about and offer something but there was absolutely ■■■■ all from him. Walsall must be ■■■■■■■ themselves!


Haha!! Where’s that Gripper ■■■■ to play the race card.


We could have told the Cov fans 90% of what they have found out already in a few weeks… Great business by Walsall


Can’t wait for the Cov fixtures. Will he still be in the squad by 8 December?


Na he will be at boreham Wood :joy:


No, he’ll be still stealing a living, but on loan to a team similar to Boreham Wood, who incidentally have lost a cracking striker to some 3rd Division Polish side.
I think the lad should look to a future other than in football, Coventry supporters will confirm that.


Great minds and all that :joy:


Or maybe not then …:joy::joy::joy:


:nerd_face::nerd_face: should of gone to specsavers :joy:


And you know what’ll happen then …The only goal he’ll score I bet and it’ll be against us you can bet your life on it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I wonder if he would celebrate like cook and Ferrier?


I wonder how many people would run on after him :thinking:


I’m pleased he’s gone but I take no pleasure in watching him struggle. This thread is a testiment to how poor the relationship has got between us and Baka and think it’s time we moved on and left the lad to it. His confidence must be rock bottom.


Agree with your sentiment…he is no longer our player and as far as I am concerned he is no longer worthy of comment. I wished him well and still do but he not suitable for the lone striker role as we all know. Thats it from me on him.


Why all the nasty and vitriolic comments about a lad who came through our Youth setup? Who didnt act inappropriately demanding a transfer as obviously we got rid of him - not vice versa.

Doesnt everyone wish him the best?( except for when he faces us)


I agree 100%. He had enough chances, he just didn’t take them!


It seems like the budding Sir Ray Graydon’s in the stands were right all along! If any Coventry fans are reading, you now know how we felt the last 2 seasons with him


A lack of confidence doesn’t stop you running around, closing down defenders, trying to make something happen or using your 6ft 2” frame to shield the ball or win a header. Baka needs to start putting in the effort if he wants to get the Cov fans (and the manager!) on his side. He’s brought all this on himself.