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Of course I wish Baka the best but his future is in his own hands and at the moment he doesn’t seem to want to put the required effort in.


Do I wish a player the best who rarely put in his all whilst wearing a Walsall shirt? Not really. Do I hope he fails? No, not really. He’s a nothing footballer. He can be ■■■■ for Coventry now whilst we enjoy a team who actually try.


Must disagree there Saddlertd…It is down to attitude…I know our pay is not the best in the world but what an opportunity we gave him. 100+ Games to show the supporters, the supporters of potential new employers, his current employers & ultimately the world how good he is. How many managers, scouts, club directors have watched him in that time as an opportunity for him and conversely us to do better, earn more and go to the top? I appreciate the crowd, with some vindication, was on his back, he now has a bigger one to overcome at Coventry

He has totally the wrong attitude, I have employed a lot of people for 20-30 years now and you can spot the difference

I think if I was his manager, I would get him to speak to someone like Troy Deeney or Jamie Vardy for some advice and help if he really wants to get on


Nasty and vitriolic? really? a couple maybe but most are calling it as they see it… lads not good enough end of.


Pitchforks at the chuffing ready. Half expecting a truck load of Walsall Loyal to find out where he lives and burn the residence to the ground. :anger:

There’s been a shedload of massively below-par players over the years, can’t recall anyone getting this kind of abuse though. Talk about obsessed. :space_invader:


What abuse???

Loads of people calmly stating their views on a recently departed player. No real nastiness though.


People have literally just said he wasn’t good enough. How is that abuse?


Matt is a top lad but is definitely a handwringer :grin:


There’s time yet. Remember he’s just had 2 years of Jon Whitney coaching him, I still get the feeling they’ll work out how to get the best out of him. Best of luck to him.

I’m not enjoying seeing the lad suffer, I am enjoying seeing Cov fans do their nut though.


Throughout his tenure at the club, a time in which concurrently we went through difficult circumstances for everyone on the pitch and off. Plenty of dodgy players before, during and will be after. Not sure many will attract such scorn.
The feedback on here is merely the final miserable death throes it seems. Only 290 replies. Obsessed.


Pee off you tit. :rofl::rofl::rofl:




Where did I say he’s a good player or does any of those things?


It’s a football forum where people discuss all things related to Football? Perhaps your in the wrong place ?


I’ve literally just expressed an opinion on a football matter.
Perhaps you missed your massive irony fail.
And it’s actually a Walsall football forum.


Oh here we go , another clever ■■■■ to add to the ever growing list :joy:


Why the hell is this thread still here after a wonderful win at Wimbledon? Bakayoko is the last thing I want to be focussing on!


Because the board “All about Walsall” traditionally includes threads about Walsall players, past and present…:wink:


He’s gone! Debate should be over for now! Who cares really

We won’t even know whether he transpires to be any good until at least a season has gone.

Get over it :joy::joy:


The debate can carry on if people want to. If not, don’t post.

Get over it.