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I did note that after your reply to begin with your usual boyfriends followed suit.
How sweet.


LOL :rofl::rofl::crazy_face:


Rise above it mate.


I did. As usual. :laughing:


Oh look Mr Center of Attention thinks @Mazza01 post was aimed at him.
Oh bless. Such a sad little life he must lead.


Duuur no.
Move to pm if you wish to sustain your contrived, poisonous outburst.


Wow , check out the tough man :joy::joy:


“I did note that after your reply to begin with your usual boyfriends followed suit.
How sweet.”

Hoisted. Petard. (Look it up)

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


PS - the original post after SWS wasn’t even directed at you (Northern / Maximus / Swampy / Nelson), an inference on you or about you in any way. You appear to have launched the usual tired old nuke without any provocation, and sent out a pathetic SOS for aid from someone (Mazza) who has taken the bait.

I thought we’d done rather well to date in avoiding such clashes on the new site, but hey ho as you eloquently put it.

For your info, I’m happy for you (both) to keep swinging and missing, or can it and chalk it to experience. The latter would be preferable for the people having to read it I would imagine. As for ‘hard man’ PMing - you’ll get the same kind of responses as you get here, but again preferable to clogging the site with rubbish. Over to you.


Mate your clearly rattled :joy::joy::joy: I think your plan to be a pain in the arse has clearly back fired on you! Enjoy your day


‘Rattled’ LOL. Hardly.

As I mentioned, it’s over to you to sustain the ‘debate’ or let it slide. It appears that we got here by a misunderstanding where Swamps assumed I was having a dig. Possibly not, in which case fill your boots! :kissing_heart:


No bickering please, gentlemen.


Sorry… apologies


I apologise to all concerned too.


I just read a report in the Coventry Telegraph that says the fee was £300k!!! :joy::rofl::laughing:



Good on the lad - turning down Sierra Leone because he’d prefer to get called up by the Netherlands.


Had to laugh at the site having to close the comments section down because of abusive posts :joy:


Called up by the Netherlands for what? :astonished:


National service?


drugs mule :joy: