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Best for all concerned, he can reboot his career at league one level and we get some cash (well maybe not we but someone does).

I would consider this as an unexpected windfall and the board should allow the proceeds to this to be fully added to Keate’s squad budget.


I have never abused a player because of his skin colour even in the 70’s and 80’s when lots of fans were making monkey noises etc. I have also never abused Baka even though he has frustrated me so many times. For a big guy, he was bullied too often by League 1 Centre-halves and hardly ever won the ball in the air. If we get £170k for him then happy days. If he’s worth 5 times more than Ferrier then the transfer market really has gone mad!


Good for you. Doesn’t mean others haven’t.


Not denying that el_nombre but when you have people like TheRedPrince reverting to the “racism claim” just because some fans will not be too upset with Baka moving on it becomes a bit tedious don’t you think ?
Surely you can remember his hissy fit on the old site ?
To quote him earlier in the thread "

Blatantly clear there what he is referring to.
It has obviously became a personal habit of his, slag off our own fans and use the race card (which he belittles by using on a regular occurence) when a player departs.

Now I wish Baka all the best in his future. Time will tell if there is actually a decent player in there.


Think there’s 6 of one and half a dozen of the other going on honestly. I’m not into veiled remarks about he said this and really meant that, lets say it how it is.

Some people want to write off his poor performances and any (completely valid) criticisms as racism simply out of loyalty to the player.

Some people want to ignore racism happens because, well, comfort in their own mind I assume. To say those criticisms haven’t been magnified for some simply because of the colour of his skin is as fanciful as the other opinion.


I actually quite rated Baka, and thought at times last year he showed some quality touches and bits of ingenuity in what was a pretty thankless position, playing a lone striker role in a team void of attacking ideas. Think he could have kicked on this year as part of a two.

That said, if we get around £200k for him, I think that’s a pretty good deal for us. Hope he does go on to fulfil his potential somewhere else, not sure he would have done here.


His performances were poor towards the end of last season, but I saw some good stuff from him at times (He dominated Pompeys back line early last season) that wasn’t nurtured by Whitney, nor will have been helped by the fans getting on his back, in particular with some choice racist comments from a few - you cannot deny they happened, nor that it would ■■■■ him off enough to want out, Sawyers was exactly the same.

So what are you really saying here then? Racism doesn’t exist? Not one single element of our support are racist? That we should ignore racism? Or should it be encouraged, in your view? Again, the fact you harbour such deep feelings about a post I may have made some time ago betrays what you’re really about, I feel. Is my card now marked should some of your far right buddies make it into power somehow?

Who were you on the old site btw? Just so I know whom I’m dealing with?


I’m hearing that Coventry are now in negotiations with David N’Gog formerly of Liverpool, Bolton and Swansea.
He’s currently traiinng with Pafos in Cyprus but wants to move back to his home in Coventry. Could be the end of the Bakayoko negotiations?


Well if we do sell him I hope DK has a back up plan as it will leave us light up top and no pressure on the new forward line.

For what it’s worth I think he would have worked well in a 2 up top.


Why would a bloke from Northern France who played for Liverpool, Bolton and Swansea and hasn’t been at an English club for four years have a home in Coventry?

Must have the same Estate Agent as Richard O’Donnell…


From wikipedia:

In July 2018 he joined Cypriot club on trial, however he stated recently he would prefer to stay in England closer to his family in Coventry.




AB not without some quality. The real problem is that he was totally drained of confidence. Restore that, play to his strengths ie obviously not an out and out target man but a front man to run the channels and there is a capable player there. I wish him well and condemn the moronic comments about a Saddler who did his best on and certainly off the field of play. Good luck Ama.


Wonder what’s taking so long with the move?
Sooner we move him on sooner we can bring in other players


I am sure that there is a reason .
Maybe we are lining up new players ourselves .

Would we really want to advertise that we have received an extra 150K before we tie up a deal ?


Done deal


Personally I’d have released him at the end of last season, so that’s a very good piece of business for the club.


Always felt there was a footballer in him somewhere. Not a clue how to unlock it.


Good luck Baka go and enjoy your football


Very disappointed to see him go. He has had a tough time over the past few years being asked to play as a lone striker with virtually no service other than aimless balls lumped up towards his general area. The lazy comments can be dismissed, 50% of posters making those comments are thick and the other 50% haven’t seen him play.

Judging by the interest in him from other clubs it would confirm how little some fans know about football.

I wish him the very best for the rest of his career.