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Just amazes me that some posters believed he was gods gift to football.
Who, or what were they watching?
Good business to get a fee for the lad (which we will still be owed in 2023 by the way, just prior to their next receivership). So there will be no monies up front for us to use, just an ‘asset’ in a certain pension fund portfolio.


I love how football fans know more than professional footballers managers and are happy prove themselves wrong again and again.

There were similar threads on Blue & Amber about a certain Tom Bradshaw when he joined us. Think on…

Good luck Baka.

P.s. Ancient Moaner IS Worsul4eva. This thread is the proof :joy:


He can always be relied on to swim against the tide.
Must be exhausting carrying around such a mossiv brass neck.


People who disagree with others on here saying “they think they know more than managers”. Christ, can’t people have a different opinion? We’ve all seen more than enough him to base an opinion on him. I don’t think there’s anything to suggest he’s good enough for this level, or ever will be. The club has done well here. Nice lad yes, good footballer no. Terribly sorry that this is the opinion I hold without being a football manager.


Hmmmm…whose assessment do I trust on footballers?

A local office worker whose football experience extends to paying through the gate, getting tanked up on a Saturday night and playing for the local pub side on a Sunday morning? Or, managers who have had a playing career, completed coaching courses and spent years in the professional game?

Three clubs were in for Baka for a fee. Three managers willing to spend more than our record fee on him. It was time for him to go for sure, but this situation happens time and again. As usual I will sit back and wait to be proved right.


Yeah professional managers and coaches never judge anything wrong.


Three League One managers wanted him. The other 21 didn’t.


Well, its rare for three to be willing to pay that kind of fee for someone they don’t believe in! But, they are obviously all wrong and don’t watch the players they offer nearly 200k for :joy::joy:

Like a few posters have said, its just the perfect move for all concerned.

Now, where are all those fans that knocked Romaine Sawyers and Dean Smith…


I wish him all the best. For whatever reason he never fulfilled his early potential with us, and a fresh start is what he desperately needs.


Good move for all concerned but please don’t mention him alongside a player like sawyers he was a cut above this level baka isn’t.


Must have missed the part where a massive section of fans were lauding Baka as the next Ronaldo. He was average, and at times disappointing, but the way he has been written off by some is utterly ridiculous.


Rated by other clubs managers or not , Coventry have taken a real gamble on an underperforming player coming good… Stats don’t lie.

For me I always made the effort to watch him closely and I just don’t get the fuss, granted he’s big and has a shot of pace when he can be bothered… but technically he is poor and that’s why you pay the cash.

Wish him all the best however it’s money spent better elsewhere for WFC.


Sad to see him go - i think DK could have got a tune out of him, especially as he seems to have favoured a 442. Baka was never suitable to play the one up top - his first touch isnt good enough, but he would have benefited from someone alongside him to take some of the pressure off.

All the bet to him - just hope we get the money off the rent dodgers and that he doesnt come back and score against us!


Sir Alex Ferguson, one of the finest managers of all time, paid 7 million pounds for Bebe once. Please don’t make out that managers willing to buy somebody means ■■■■ all.

I backed both Sawyers and Smith and was sad to see them go. Can I criticise?


Wish him all the best but can’t see how people seem to think he had no support or got no service - if 2 seasons with Oztumer behind him can’t make him look any better then can’t see anyone giving him the service he needs


Some on here must watch all Walsall matches in their rose tinted glasses.
Couldn’t head a ball couldn’t hold up a ball, couldn’t run, couldn’t/wouldn’t tackle, couldn’t score in a brothel, best in the camp at ‘statues’.
One deft pass against Northampton and he’s was deemed as the next Ronaldo, the mind boggles, who were they watching?
Sorry FHTF wrong again, on both points.


I personally think there is a player there, but that player isn’t going to come out here…

Great move for both parties.


I’m amused by how many seem to think he would have come good. Let me put it this way I know it wouldn’t happen but imagine if we had signed him for 200k from them with a goal record like that i reckon it would be full of posts that he wasn’t worth it and wasn’t very good


Who ever suggested he was the ‘new Ronaldo’ ???
Utter, utter crap. :laughing:


The ‘Have Your Say’ crew would have gone into meltdown!