Barnsley (A) 8th Sept, 3pm


Shame them front loaders went out of fashion. Them was tremendous.

I blame Serena Williams and her feminist mates.


I wouldn’t worry about barrel chests, one of the best barrel chests to grace Fellows Park was Colin Taylor’s and you couldn’t fault him


And Bernie wright


Shocked at the criticism of Cookie to be fair.

Yeah he doesn’t look like he’s chilled out of granite and possibly could lose a few lbs but it was only a couple of weeks ago the guy was the mutts nuts.

He’s stepped up 2 divisions and has played 2 games a week pretty much since the start of the season which I don’t think he will be overly used to.

He’s our number 9 and pretty sure centre backs won’t be looking forward to 90 mins against him as they know they will have to battle for every ball


100% this


Why? Why are people not allowed to critisise a performance or two without people jumping at them (not saying you are by the way, but people on Twitter and Facebook have)? Nobody has written him off. The people creating the fuss are actually those sticking up for him. I critisised him after Blackpool just like I would if any other had put in a similar performance and I moved on. I know he’s a good player. Nothing more nothing less. He’s not immune from critisism though. Chuffed he got the equalizer Saturday. Should do his confidence a world of good.


I’ve seen about 10 times more posts from people criticising people for criticising Cook than I have from people criticising Cook (if that makes sense).

Most people I’ve seem comment have made the point that he looked a bit jaded and probably was stressing that he hadn’t sored a “proper” goal. I’ve seen nothing of people writing him off.

To some people constructive criticism is akin to a character assassination!


Agreed. Literally nobody has written him off.


You’re so right Tinned. One or two people had a pop. Scores have had a pop at those having a pop.

The irony is that the person who has done most moaning at Walsall players this season is probably Andy Cook.


Not popping off at anyone just putting my 2 pence in. With the feel good factor about the club want to keep the positivity going and with social media the way it is making the players so accessible this criticism ends up at the players door and will have one of 3 effects in my eyes 1) Player wants to crack on and prove fans wrong 2) players end up feeling cut adrift from the fans no support lack of push to do more or 3) naff all cos there ard and sticks and stones and all that.

Good honest debate and all that


But I highly doubt the criticisms aimed at Cook are going to effect him. It’s basically been “he needs to calm down a bit and think in certain positions” or “He needs to be a bit fitter”. It’s constructive, not abusive.


Cookie strikes me as a bloke that wouldn’t give two ***** what he reads on UTS!


Exactly. Plus like I said, it’s not abusive. He knows we all still love him. He just needs to work on certain areas of his game which I think he can and will. Think the goal at Barnsley will do him the world of good.


Cook has spent the majority of his career in non-league and been the most prolific forward at that level for the past few years. Even so, the jump to League One is a big one and as supporters who have watched 30+ games of third tier football each season for the last 11 years, I’d say Saddlers fans are in a decent position to comment on what it takes for a player to achieve at this level.

So for me, comments about Cook’s performance, on here at least, have been constructive rather than abusive. His learning curve is a steep one but you get the impression that Walsall fans are invested in his (and Ferrier’s) success because we like the direction the club has taken in signing players from non-league.


Can he even cook though?

Heard that he burns a lot of stuff and can’t chop efficiently. :slightly_frowning_face:


Even worse, Keiron Morris can’t Morris Dance and Dan Vann can’t drive…


Oh no we car start another one of these crazy thread’s …


Dodge em at all costs!


Not enough appreciation has been given to the gesture Cook made after scoring the goal, top quality.

Yeah I know what you’re saying, this is what I am here to do.


Mirror, signal, maneuver?