Barnsley (A) 8th Sept, 3pm


Frank Gregg loved his sausage rolls


Will Carlin loved his beer


Craig Pead doesn’t like kids.


Rico Henry is not a hoover.


Febian Brandy was partial to a Sidecar or two


Barry Blower spent many a relaxing hour in his D.I.Y jacuzzi.


You’ll be telling me next Peter Hart became a vicar.


Just saying this was option 3 of my post!


Stuart Rimmer was into some weird stuff…


The default position would to not be bothered by the critisisms given the context and content of them. If he were to feel offended or angry by what has been said then he shouldn’t be a footballer. He’s still loved.


Joe was Broad minded.

Don is a Goodman.

Brett was no Angel.


Steve Daley was regular as clockwork.


It’s rumoured that Gabor Bukran owns a successful chain of Hungarian text based emporia.


Romaine Sawyers didn’t see mine


…played quite a few games in the hole behind Saville.


I agree cookie doesn’t strike me as the type of bloke to be easily offended.

I have seen the criticism of many Walsall players start out as it has for Cook many a time and become toxic.

Yard marker for me in any season whether that be form of a player or team overall begins at 10 league games (feel it’s difficult to include cup games as opposition quality varies).

Cook so far has 3 league goals from 6 starts and a sub appearance just under a goal a game not a bad return and I accept they have not been Worldies by any stretch. But I don’t see cookie as just a goal scorer it’s his all round perfermance which is a bonus. He seems to win headers when he shouldn’t, can hold the ball up and generally creates space for others as he has to be marked in the box for crosses.

The team at the moments is a sum of its parts and all the parts are working and long maybit continue.


Tommy Mooney now finds it difficult to book coach travel, for some reason.


Peter Skipper exercised with a rope.
Bernie Wright was never Wrong.
Jeff Peron had a relative who didn’t like crying in Argentina
Don Penn was often black and blue after games.


Jorge Leitao was actually a man.


Dan Mole doesn’t live underground, and Stefan Gamble doesn’t bet.

Roy Whaley is a bit of a chump.