Barnsley (A) 8th Sept, 3pm


Just testing … :wink:


Charlton Athletic 0 Wycombe Wanderers 1 (10 min)

Sunderland 0 Fleetwood Town 1 (which puts us up to 4th as things stand!!)

Accrington Stanley 0 Burton Albion 1


Can I point out just how incorrect that Pinnacle fella is? I do look at this thread for other league 1 scores and find it most useful


Southend Utd 0 Peterborough Utd 1 (30 min)

Doncaster Rovers 1 Luton Town 0 (33 min)

Charlton Athletic 1 Wycombe Wanderers 1


Surely it’s 32 minutes. :face_with_monocle:

Farce. :japanese_goblin:


You should check the specific gravity of the sand in your egg-timer, Matt…


Sunderland 1 Fleetwood Town 1


BB - classic!!


no it didn’t work for me in the end? i have paid the £10 to watch on ifollow, you can see the class in the Barnsley side but we are playing well at the back.In fact we are playing well all over the pitch.


Pinnacle’s default position is incorrect. It’s great if the web is your only source. As it is for me now.


0-0 at half time, both teams with almost identical stats except for sheer possession, with Barnsley reportedly having 59% to our 41%.

Shots are 7 to 6 in Barnsley’s favour.
Shots on target 3 to 2

Corners 2 to 3 to us
Fouls 6 Barnsley to 4 Walsall


Does Deano bring on Cook for the 2nd half, I wonder? He must be champing at the bit to get into the game, and his fitness levels will surely last 45 minutes…


Seem to doing OK with the 11 on the pitch. Maybe wait until legs start to tire?


Edited just in time!!! :grin:


Big fudge fingers and a phone keyboard.


Doncaster Rovers 2 Luton Town 1 (47 or 48 min, thereabouts anyway)

Barnsley substitute to start the 2nd half - Adeboyejo on for McGeeham


Would take a point now . But just got a feeling the Cookie Monster will come on and bang one in close to the end


How is Ronan looking?


Southend Utd 0 Peterborough Utd 2

Gillingham 0 AFC Wimbledon 1

Scunthorpe Utd 3 Rochdale 1


Following a corner … Barnsley 1 Saddlers 0 :unamused: