Barnsley (A) 8th Sept, 3pm


Looks like the BBC report was written by someone from the Tykes supporter’ s club.


Yep. That’s just how you come across. Happy, content, well adjusted.


But not a know it all !


Cookie monsters gonna get ya👹 !!!


Not at all are you?Just “always correct.” You know the difference, even if no one else does.


Looks like i have been banned once again for trying to reply to Shrewsbury Saddler even though he has replied to me 3 times since twenty past seven this evening…it was quarter past eight when i posted this. We had this conversation a few weeks ago but it seems as though it only applies to some of us.


Great point, playing away at one of the top 3 sides in the division. We have got some steel this season, as well as a bit of quality. There’s no reason why we can’t make the top 6.


Totally agree, feeling really optimistic at the moment.


I thought that. Only Barnsley seemed to maintain their unbeaten record.

Blackpool v Bradford sounds amazing. O Donnell kept them in the game,then gifted the winner.


Thank goodness we are back to discussing the football and the team. Why on earth do people have to have a go at each other? We’re all on the same side! And each one’s opinion is as valid as anyone else’s i.e. it’s just an opinion.
What a season, so far! :grin:
Let’s just enjoy it while it lasts (all season, hopefully) :smiley:


Great point to get.


Cracking point. Draw a fair result though either side could have come away with 3 points without too much argument. Devlin has been insane the past few games. Easily my MOTM.


Another enjoyable day on the road with the Saddlers.

Made up for Cookie.

Their goal looked a bit of a mess from our end. Seemed to go in in instalments.

They could have been out of sight, but we clung on and got what is a very decent point.


A good all round performance. I’d have ripped your arm off for a point before the game and if Fizzy’s shot just before Cookies goal had gone just the other side of the post it would have been all 3!
Barnsley are a good footballing side and despite them having more possesion in the first half they didn’t make it count. We came out after the break with a much more attacking philosophy and we worried them a bit until they scored and then we just went for it. This led to them having a few counters when we were outnumbered on the break. Scarey moments!
A good game to watch, good to meet @Hullsaddler too!


That tackle was ridiculous…


Our lads just don’t know when they are beaten, consequently they haven’t been so far.


an excellent point I thought this was the game our run would end but this team never give up and you can see the team spirit they have got thanks to Keats.
What a great feeling going to games and knowing you have a chance instead of like the last 2 seasons wondering how many we would let in.


Great reaction to going behind today. Everyone in this league should be warned scoring against us is like sticking your head in a lion’s mouth and flicking his love spuds with a wet towel.


Watched the game on ifollow as typically struggle to get to away games.

My main take aways

Liam Roberts I am running out of positives for the lad 3 fantastic saves in the second half alone.

Team just don’t give up and really are a reflection of Keates.

Barnsley will be up there this year and I don’t think many teams will walk away with a point keeping Moore as quiet as he was today!



”My default position is always correct”

“people who set there selves up to be self styled know it all’s are always open to mistakes”

Pick one