Behind closed doors for the whole of next season!

Its on sky news that the whole of next season could be behind closed doors for the premier league if it happens to them will it for us. I know peoples health MUST come first but if this happens it could kill football clubs lower down the leagues. I cant see how clubs could cope.

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Its a crazy idea but if it comes about most clubs will be finished.

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Got to feel for Pomlett if that was to happen whilst the snake would have got out and got lucky at the perfect time


Need an alternative to iFollow where all the cash goes to the club. And a few more cameras at the ground to follow the action for SaddlersTV.

Desperate, really.

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This would be the end of lower league football lets hope this is a worst case scenario

What is the actual evidence for this? It’s easy for Sky to write more and more apocalyptic predictions that aren’t grounded in reality. For football, as for the whole economy, it will come down to risk versus benefit calculation. If the infection rate is low then there would be no reason not to open businesses, pubs and sports clubs to help save jobs. Sure, if there is a resurgence you can then close again. I’m currently in Norway where infections have been a lot lower. Some pubs and restaurants are opening again this week and football is currently scheduled to start in June. I’m not naive that the UK situation is a lot worse but the infection curves are 3-5 weeks behind Norway; the PL idea that they can finish the season is daft but the possibility of starting a new season in August-September seems reasonable.


It’s easy because it creates a sense of urgency and need to act, regardless of the reality.

Yes, Sky still needs football, maybe even more than football needs Sky, so they need and want this to be sorted.

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Positioning for when the current deal goes absolutely South…

Read some stuff by Richard E Ashcroft the other day. He is someone that I fundamentally disagree with on a range of issues involving the “personal freedom/social responsibility” debate, but one sentance of his, in my opinion is absolutely key to this current situation in relation to that debate…

coercive legislation and other state interventions need good theoretical justifications and public, democratic oversight to ensure that they are both legitimate and proportionate to the threat being controlled. Good public health needs strong democracy

I don’t think there is much to add to that, other than to say that politicians, the media, and anyone else right now talking about a “new normal” stretching way off into our futures medium and even long term. Huge shifts in our freedoms and our behavious, based on the known science of a virus that is uncertain and ever-shifting as we move through our initial experiences of it.
As a society we should have a media that nails our politicians to the wall in respect of scrutinising the existance and the longevity of the type of restrictions we are currently living with, not one that regurgitates a narrative based on one side of a debate, when those on the other side of the debate are equally well qualified and have therefore earned the right to have their findings discussed. Whatever their motivation this latest from Sky is just typical from the media.

In the absence of an effective media its therefore incumbant on all of us to ensure that our politicians are accountable. Nobody should be telling us what life is going to look like in a years time.


Interesting watching Belarus footy on telly the other day, with their President telling the rest of the world to “get a life, stop all the panic, drink more Vodka and carry on regardless”
Unusual stance, at least they are still all watching their footy!


If the EFL got its act together they could loan clubs money to invest in cameras and infrastructure to create online content for worldwide sale

Funds could be paid back out of future earnings

At least there would be little cost wise to the club other than set up and camera crew and video editors

Play the games say Tuesdays and Thursdays so less competition from other leagues/formats

It’s not the science of rockets

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Until we introduce testing for the entire population, we need to keep ourselves quarantined, isolated and to continue the practice of social distancing.
That’s about the only thing we know about this virus so far. No socializing, no spread.
My personal opinion is some governments are sacrificing people for the economy. How messed up is that?
It’s times like this where we need to exercise some simple, decent commonsense. More than enough people have died, we don’t want to needlessly kill more.

I don’t think a lot of lower league clubs, including ours, would survive next season without crowds in attendance.

But it just might work…right…I’ll need a piece of string,three empty milk bottles and a toilet brush… :grinning:

Think I am gonna go live in Belarus

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FC Minsk fans recently. Presumably FC Minsk play in ‘skins’ and their opposition have ‘shirts’.

I think if it is behind closed doors . I think ifollow should only charge £5 rather than £10 …with £2.50 going to club and ifollow each . At least both are making some money .

Interesting point.

I may be wrong here but my understanding is that currently 80% of the revenue goes to the club. So 8 quid.

A fiver seems low to me when people are paying a score + expenses to watch live.
I would imagine that many fans would pay a tenner to watch us live, particularly knowing that It is helping the club through a difficult time. The bonus is that when we play away, the club gets the cut of the Walsall fans watching, which could easily offset the loss of away fan revenues at the home games, which would go to the away club.

ST holders would not have to pay of course.

It would be quite possible for Clubs like us to play our matches with social distancing in place. Ban away fans and limit the gate to 5,000. There will be plenty of room for the 2 metre spacing required! Mind you we have as a Country to revisit that rule soon or the economy will be wrecked but that is a probably better debated on the thread devoted to COVID 19 measures! The WHO suggest 1 metre anyway so we are being ultra cautious.

Sky news as usual are only suggesting scenarios that will benefit Sky television.
Sky will make sure that their contract with the premier league will be valid and they will get to show more games and the poor viewers on mainstream TV will get nothing.
More profits for sky!

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