Ben Purkiss signs


Purkiss returns to Walsall on non-contract terms, injured and will assist as a scout, still Chairman of the PFA…


We’ve got the eye candy back <3


Heard him on WM recently…clearly a bloke with something to offer. Could be a really good scout and mentor to the youngsters. Perhaps a replacement for John Ward in the longer term.


Ben Purkiss is sexy


Almost Laird level… hubba hubba.


I want to see Purkiss in tight shorts


Another shrewd signing. Keates is clearly well regarded in the footballing world and seen as someone worth working with and for.


Can we merge this with the metrosexual thread? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Anyone following the Southend game on iFollow might have heard Purkiss talking to the WM commentator before the feed was ‘officially’ on air. He actually said he had a deal lined up but didn’t want to mention who the club was in case it didn’t happen.


Also called Morcombe a crap club :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


He was trying to cadge a lift home, too!


Yes! I’d have taken him home :smirk:


Did you slide into his DM’s?


Slid like a two footed Devlin challenge.


great signing that, i wonder where the money has come from though?


Got a definite semi at the prospect of The White Cafu being in a Walsall shirt again.


Non contract so it’ll be a pittance


My nephew has been asked to scout goalkeepers for the albion, and for every keeper they sign he gets £250, so he certainly isn’t going to get rich quick unless they sign a few hundred lol, i think bonser must have brokered the deal :rofl:


Well the deal is probably like this…he will have the use of our staff and facilities to get fit and at the same time he will do some scouting for us with expenses paid. If all goes well he may get playing again either with the youngsters or who knows the first team which will delight some on here!!!


The things that man can do with a 50 yard diagonal pass…sigh