Not in the squad today. Reckon he’ll be on his way in Jan :grimacing:

I just hope, if he does go, he gets afforded the same opportunities as he’s had here. I’d hate for him to be recalled and go elsewhere and it hinders his progression.

May be our new American Directors have said “we need to sign this guy!”
Back in the real world I think you may be right.

If (probably more IF) we are in the hunt for promotion/play offs (and maybe still on a cup run), and the Yanks are prepared to fund it, we might be able to persuade him that his future lies here with a team on the up? Would show some ambition from the board.

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I am beginning to believe that Flynn has found the right ‘team’ at the moment, even without Bennett we look hard to beat, Maddox has proved to be a hidden gem, lets hope he keeps it up!


If there is any money kicking around we should be spending it on Bennett


Looks a great player in general, but ultimately wing backs are replaceable at our level. I think stuck in league two id rather push the boat out for someone who knocks goals in.

Re sale model is a different game though. If we could chuck some dough at Bennett id be more than happy. The kid is class, be amazed if he doesn’t play higher. Fail to believe he cant get in Cambridge’s side for a start. A beast in the air for a man his size, which is half the battle.


I think if we made a bid of 150k for him and was successful on a 3 year deal it would be a very shrewd investment for our American owners.

Doubt that figure would even come close nowadays .

Your probably right mate but worth a punt I suppose as I can see a championship club paying good money for him in a year or so.

If things have changed at Walsall. The form of Bennett and the chance we could lose him should be on the clubs mind. There should be a list of several potential replacements (Loan or Permanent) drawn up and ready to roll,

If things have changed at Walsall FC someone will have the skills to sound out Bennett and Cambridge about what’s on the horizon

But given the fact there are still people here who’ve took part in some diabolical windows we might get the shit show of Adabayo / Jules etc all over again …

I think the lad will be in for a recall. Been good here so far this season.

Can’t see that happening with Flynn as Head Coach. Know what you mean though.

Seeming as he didn’t play today because Cambridge didn’t want him cup tied, does that rule only apply for the FA Cup? So why did Liam play for us in the Carabao Cup this season?

By the time he could be recalled in January, Cambridge (or a team who brought him) would need reach the quarter finals of the cup which is unlikely.


Probably because we’re only up to the 3rd round of the FA Cup by the January window but the QFs of the Carabao, so usually only a handful of the EPL big boys left.

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Bennett is good , but Gordon was equally as good today and personally I think he’s better defensively.

Bennetts outstanding performances wont of gone unnoticed by his parent club. If we had a player out on loan performing so well week in week out we would be looking to get him back. I think Cambridge will definitely be recalling him in January

until i read this was going to post almost the exact same thing think he is a great kid but if its a choice between him and a goalscorer at this level its no contest sadly you can get away with someone like White in this division but you will not go up without at least one decent striker who scores on a regular basis we have to put signing Johnson first for me.


I’d be amazed if Liam Bennett isn’t coming back to the Abbey. With our multiple fullback injuries, he’d have walked into our team over last few weeks. He’s probably our best two footed player on the books.
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