Best and worst loan players

Loan signings used to be quite rare, now it seems like we sign dozens every season. We’ve had some shockers, and some that were brilliant, and a lot that did a solid job for a while.

Some of the best - Mart O Connor, Gary O Neil, Chris Baird and George Evans, Kevin Harper, Tom Bennett. Nick Henry and Rob Steiner did a great job in the run-in of 98-99.

Some of the worst - Michael Ngoo (he was funny though), Mads Timm, Tom Curtis, Samassi Abou and lots from the last few seasons but I can’t remember their names, in fact I’m not sure I ever learned most of them.

Some who did a solid job for a bit - Graham Moseley, Eric Young, Justin Skinner, Andy Reece, Tugboat Thogersen.

Any more?

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Seem to remember Julian Joachim really giving us a boost.


Jordy Hiwula the first time looked bloody class, scored a few key goals too. Was Andy Butler a loan?


Oh Gawd, how did I forget him? That Eoghan O’Connell we had the same season (I think) was good though - although anybody would have looked good after a few months of Toner.

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He came back to us on loan for a few games because his Sheff Utd move wasn’t working out. I’m not sure he even played a single game for them.

Christian Bielik - the loanee who never played

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I enjoyed the tale of two Wilson Loanees: Kane and James

Several goodies as mentioned. George Evans and Gary O’Neil stand out on recent years, plus:

Andrew Surman
Flo Cuvelier
Matthew Pennington
Karl Darlow - although I wouldn’t have put him in the “likely to play in the top flight” category when he was with us. Nor Sam Johnstone tbh.
Kevin Harper

If someone has a definitive list of all our loanees over the last 30-40 years, that would be worth reviewing.

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Chris Baird - came around the same time as Gary O’ Neill, and who could forget George Evans. I sincerely think we’d have been promoted that year if we’d have been able to keep him.


Mass Timm was absolutely crap. I remember when we got him from ManUre people were ■■■■■■■ themselves because he’d come from Old Trafford.
The clubs that loans come from are no guarantee of quality.

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Rory Gaffney was dog ■■■■ bad.


Gijsbert Bos was another.

Surman was very good, and had a decent career as well. Cuvelier first spell was excellent.
John Ruddy was another young keeper we had on loan who has had a very good career.

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It was a shame we couldn’t keep hold of Tyler Roberts for longer.


Shaibu was tat too. And Jason Price.

Jimmy Seal was good

Eric Skora and Ronnie Ekelund - both pure class.


Didier Tholot

If someone has some time click - (warning, year by year and a lot of clicking).