Best away day boozer (pub) and why?


Got to be the air balloon for me in Swindon great scenes there when we got promoted. Great location as well as we all have to drive past it on the way to the game and on the way home.


City Vaults at Bradford, Fleur de Lis at Gillingham and the Old Kings Head at London Bridge for London games are my top three!

All just proper pubs (City Vaults not so much now). Old Kings Head is also very cheap for London. We went there before Millwall on a Tuesday night as a Millwall fan told us that it’s happy hour on a Tuesday evening too so it was like 3 quid a pint then. Can’t moan at that!


Balloon will always be up there.

My favourite is the Red Lion in Stone regular stop off for Crwho or Vale away days until they selfishly went and got relegated.


Back in the day Shrewsbury was always a good away day! A favourite pub was called “The Dun Cow” ( I think ) just a few minutes walk from the old gay meadow, but used to get packed with saddlers.


The ISIS bar…Sunderland.

Enter at your own risk.:wink:


Enjoyed a pint or two at Rochdale’s Clubhouse bar. Decent beer, decent prices and a friendly reception from home club fans.


Orient’s supporters club bar. Ever changing and well kept selection of beers, CAMRA award winning, exceptionally cheap for London (plus CAMRA discount), got the Sky/BT games on big screens, very friendly bunch of home supporters, 30 seconds walk from our end/side, and just £1 entry for away fans.


Wigan Central has a cracking selection of real ales and world beers. Bit of a walk to the ground though.

The Pheasant in Wellington is superb (an even longer walk to the ground than the Wigan pub though :wink: )


you don’t notice the walk when yam half cut!


If you mean Wellington, Telford then yes the Pheasant is excellent - but the ■■■■ is just as good and within spitting distance of the Bucks Head.


:joy: Swear filter!! The pub name is a male bird!!


What there’s a pub in Telford called the Transvestite?? Reminds me of that one we went in at Leicester away.


Geordies away pub guide used to be a staple on here. If the depressing national trend were to hold true a re-visit of those old guides would probably reveal the demise of many once great establishments.


Great memories of The Globe in Sheffied when we were hob nobbing it in The Championship - great pint and burger before heading to the pubs closer to the ground.

Not sure if its still there


Remember 3.000 going to bury for a night game when we went up from league 2 . We got the point we needed for promotion at gigg lane . Came out the ground looking for a celebratory drink . All there we could find was this little off licence owned by a little Indian guy .
We probably put the poor bloke out of business that night as hundreds of beer thirsty saddlers burst in the door . There was no way of paying for your beer you could not move in there so everyone just grabbed what they wanted out the fridges and off the shelves and started partying outside . HAPPY DAYS


The great pint and Burger I had in there before Donny away last season confirms yes it still is.


I remember when we played utd in the FA cup 1998, i had just taken delivery of my MGF after a 12 month wait, so me and my wife set off following one of our coaches, we stopped off at a pub outside manchester, i remember we had to go down a steep road to it, and it was frequented by michael le vell, and is now closed?, anyway i remember handing my wallet to my wife to hold because it was uncomfortable in my pocket, with £200 the match tickets and credit cards in it, after a few drinks we set off to the game, as we reached the ground i asked my wife for my wallet, she said “i ain’t got it?” she had left it on the windowsill in the pub, so we raced back and i went to the seat we had been sitting in, but no sign of it, i went to the bar to ask if anyone had handed it in, and they had, everything was still inside, fantastic honesty by whoever had handed it in, i tried to leave a £20 thank you to the barman but he said he couldn’t take it because someone in the bar had handed it in. i will be eternally grateful to whoever did hand them in :wink::wink:


I was there that night.
Can’t remember a lot after the game though.


Nor me after all that free beer from the offy😂


If I remember rightly it was a Thursday night, didn’t make work the next day I remember that bit.