Best away day boozer (pub) and why?


You could well be right… remember everybody jumping over the 10ft fence at the end to get onto the pitch. Dopey ■■■■■■■■ here jumped over and twisted my ankle on landing. Was in absolute agony but still celebrating… amazing how very few things can take that pain away :joy::joy:


I wouldn’t beat yourself up to much about it, if I can remember right, most of the beer was short dated, I did try to complain at the time but the owner was to overcome with grief :joy:


Bury was a Saturday match, 4pm kick off.
Sheffield Utd was 1997 not 1998 and was a Tuesday night. It was also the league cup not the FA cup.

Bunch of booze hags don’t get anything right!


Ah so you were the one who delayed the kick off…:wink:Back in the days Pete Waterman was interested in talking about following Walsall to the media he always claimed it was him as he got caught in traffic on the M6 or something.


was also there what a night that was and 2 days after beating scarborough.


it was mate we beat scarborough on the tuesday went to both.


Bury was a thursday night.


Went to both Scarborough and Bury. On the pitch afterwards too. Happy memories.


Not in league two it wasn’t. Away was in December, on a Tuesday.


I think you are wrong on this occasion @Exile.
From the clubs history page.
" A stuttering start signalled the end of Kenny Hibbitt’s tenure in September 1994 and he was replaced by Chris Nicholl, who brought with him a new lease of life for the players. There were brave cup displays against West Ham, who we beat 2-1 in the first leg of a League Cup second-round tie, and Leeds, who were held to a 1-1 draw at Bescot in the FA Cup. In the league, we held our nerve to claim promotion, finishing in second place after gaining the point we needed on a warm Thursday evening in Bury"

I know I drunk at lot that day and it might have Saturday when I finally came round :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:


Yes pretty sure it was Tuesday and Thursday, great away followings at both. I think it was Trevor Wood got injured at Scarborough and Jimmy walker came off the bench and had a stormer. Carlisle played Chesterfield and rested loads of players but still beat them, some bloke in the away end had a radio and we all went berserk when we heard the score. A point at Bury meant we had to wait for Chesterfields result on the Saturday with them needing to win by about 10 goals to go up.


It may well have been called division 4 in those days?


And still should be, all this Premiership nonsense has virtually killed our beloved game, the EFL is a very poor and distant relation to the mighty money spinning Premiership bandwagon, just a training ground for future wanabee Premiership squads.
Next step will be the Conference, or whatever they deem to call it these days, becoming the 3rd Division.
Best away boozer for me was the Balloon at Swindon, great days.


Without paging through this thread,I’ll assume you mean the 95 promotion night.When the crowd took Chris Nicholl on its shoulders? Definitely a Thursday.


Yes, 0-0 drab game on a bone hard pitch where the ball spent the majority of the game on the air.

Great result and occasion though.


No it was Endsleigh Division 3.

As per the fixture computer, our final game of the season was supposed to be away at Scarborough on the last Saturday at the same time as everyone else - but it was a bank holiday weekend and, after Leeds fans had run riot at Bournemouth a few years earlier, the FA/Football League wouldn’t allow any games at seaside towns on a bank holiday weekend so it got brought forward to the Tuesday very early on (probably even before the season started).

Can’t remember when the Bury game was originally supposed to be played but it got postponed and we struggled to agree a new date to play it. It had to be before all the other simultaneous final fixtures so ended up being just 2 days after the Scarborough i.e. on the Thursday.

BTW I wouldn’t say both games were a good turnout - yes loads at Bury but I thought it a bit thin at Scarborough considering the importance of the game (if we’d lost, or Chesterfield had won, the Bury game might have been irrelevant).

BTW2 If Bury had beaten us (and the other results had been the same) they would have gone up instead of us on goal difference and we’d have been in the playoffs - was a very tight end to the season!


It happened on an election day. Always on a Thursday in the UK.

Or more simply…0…1…8…41j0i131j46i131j46j0j46i131i275j0i3j0i22i30j33i160.EuM1MYYz6Fo


I seem to remember the whole thing started when our Custard Friends ripped the roof off a Scarborough stand in May 87.


I seem to hold the white horse at Wycombe in high regard. Can’t for the life of me think why.


It was the same season we had a jolly to Upton Park 2-1 up from the first leg after Charlie Ntamark’s worldly own goal.
Went to extra time as well.
Got off the coach in Bloxwich at 2.30am the next morning and still made it to work for 8am in Aldridge (hanging out my arse).