Best away day boozer (pub) and why?


We had a few at Scarborough but as you say MrT there was enough room to do the Conga on the terraces. (as commented on WM)
Great night though and lovely warm up for the Thursday night celebrations.

Didn’t we have something like seven games in 24 days??
Three games a week for three weeks - Couldnt see anybody doing that now!!!


The bury game was drab but tightly packed away making a lot of noise .
Does anyone remember the over zealous ball boy catching the ball before it was over the touchline !!
Lol happy days


What a night that was. There were two pubs near the ground and a sea of red between the them. I got there early afternoon and there was one little old guy running the whole pub. We’d seen what was travelling up the M6 that afternoon and warned him that he might need some more staff!


Yep, remember the ball boy incident too. Went to Scarborough and Bury. Great memories!


Remember getting stuck on that fence


Yep fantastic night