Best goals

The link I posted to vote for one of our best goals on Walsall’s Facebook has turned German for some reason so I’ve deleted it.

It’s weird to see us score goals.

The black and white filter is an interesting creative choice by the media team

It’s in black and white it’s been that long since we scored


Can everyone please not vote for DJ.

We should all pretend he didn’t exist as with the POTY award.


Walsall Null.

Too late, I’ve voted for his goal v Tranmere.

Links go German because the site servers aren’t in the UK. Links still work fine.

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Do the same with Bennett and it leaves you with a choice of just 4 all season from the remaining squad. :flushed:

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What’s a goal?
Asking for Andy Williams

Tbf if you applied the same logic to POTY you’d probably be left with just Daniels.

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Can I vote for Bennett’s goal instead?!!


That would be my choice. Not a great selection of goals but that was a good one.

I miss not having 3 or 4 of Oztumer’s to vote for.

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When’s Oz coming back?!!

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I loved him as well :laughing: :wink:



Yeah loved it

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