Best loanees

Lets properly depress ourselves by looking at the best or most effective loanees:

Rob Steiner
Walter Otta
Emanuel Ledesma
Kevin Harper

Paul Ritchie
Julian Joachim
George Evans
Trevor Benjamin (that goal at Notts County)
Gary O’Neill
Chris Baird

Loads more who haven’t been listed.

Edit: Ritchie was signed permanently, not on loan :see_no_evil:

Don Goodman, for that final.


Rushworth definitely

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Super Don…What a man

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Jason McCarthy


Actually seen him up the golf club tonight… :rofl:

Gareth Ainsworth

Rob Steiner
George Evans
Jason McCarthy
Chris Baird
Colin Cramb
Nick Henry

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Andrew Surman


Alan Buckley
Martin O’Connor
Kevan Broadhurst

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one of my favourites over the years, and he only played 5 times :laughing: A Pure impact signing though.

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He certainly made an impact on that Canary’s leg at Norwich, had he even been on the pitch 60 seconds when he was sent off? Wasn’t very long anyhow.

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I dunno but he played against Sheff Utd at home and single handedley got Jon Harley sent off because he ruined him out wide.

I think we lost though :rofl: but he was magnificent that night.

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Eric Skora


Was that the Boxing Day game? He scored at Forest on NYD when we had a massive following of fans, great support.

Keith Andrews
Carl Robinson
Gary O’Neil

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Loved watching this guy, just loved playing, whipping up the fans etc

That goal at Forest too…

I dunno i was probably about 13 then. Its just one game that always sticks in my mind. It was under floodlights.

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In recent times Jason Macarthy

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