Birmingham Senior Cup 1994

Does anyone remember us winning this? The only report I have seen is that we beat Hednesford 3-0 in the final and we had a full strength team out. Is that true?
How about the run to the final in the year 2000?

Yes, played at Bescot. There is a photo somewhere of the team with the trophy including Charlie Ntamark, Evran Wright, etc in the red/white halves kit. I think a print was in the original Bescot Bar for many years.


I went to the match with Hednesford .They were on the way up then and we weren’t very good but we won comfortably in the end

Do you have any team sheets from these matches?
I saw them win the Walsall Senior Cup a few years ago and we had some cracking players back then.

I have the programme for the match on the 26th April 1994. Our team was Livingstone, Evans, Marsh, Watkiss, O’Hara, Smith, Ntamark, O’Connor, Lightbourne, Peer , McDonald. The programme does not list any subs. for us but 2 for Hednesford. Their team was Hayward, Rudge ,Collins, Freeman, Dunphy. Jones, Fitzpatrick, Hackett, Street, Burr, O’Connor plus 2 subs- Hallam and Parker.
Points of interest for me include;
1-I don’t remember our goalie at all
2-very few of those players figured in our promotion just a season later but the sale of Smith(Dean) enabled us to build a better team
3- the Hednesford team contained a few well known non league stars.

One other point I seem to recall Lillis was on the bench for us and scored possibly 2 goals.

Glen Livingstone…recall an absolute howler at home to Mansfield in the last game of the season. Think he was released very shortly after.

  1. I think the keeper was Glenn Livingstone, didn’t play much and presumably moved on when Trevor Wood signed in the summer.

  2. By my reckoning seven of those players played in the promotion team, although Peer and Watkiss were bit part players compared to Evans, Marsh, Charlie Nt, MOC and Killer.

You are correct JT…I thought Evans and Ntamark left at the end of that season but they played most of the matches in our promotion season.Funny how when you get old the memory plays tricks!


Ntamark scored that amazing own goal v West Ham when Nicholl was manager. I know Chris Nicholl came out and said that Watkiss was no use to him because he was always on the treatment table. I genuinely don’t remember Dean Peer playing under Nicholl but he must have, like you say the memory plays tricks. I did have the odd drinky during that promotion season mind :grinning:


I think he played a few games towards the end of the season, played at Scarborough but not at Bury. He hadn’t been a regular once King Chris took over, I think he fitted in when there was an injury.

Yeah not doubting you. I went to every game that season home and away including the Scarborough one. Yet if someone had asked me before I read this thread if Peer played any games I’d have definitely said no.

He wasn’t always the most eye-catching of players, the hat-trick against Lincoln notwithstanding.

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Match report from the E and S

Team line up - Livingstone, Evans, Marsh, Watkiss, Ntamark, Smith, Lightbourne, O’Connor, Butler, Peer, Lillis.

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Proud manager Kenny Hibbitt with the rather large BSC.

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Excellent work to find out that team for me. Thanks very much.
It is difficult to believe that Walsall would put a near full strength team for the Birmingham Senior Cup.
I suspect in 2001 it was the youth team and reserves that got to the final.

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@TheGilbertAlsop No problem. The Semi final v Bham was over two games as a replay was needed and again strong line ups with Super Jim in goal and Rodney Maca playing. I will try and find out info re the 2001 final but that may take a few days.