Bizarre Walsall matches


Ye we were there for the weekend, had to catch those park and ride buses to the ■■■■■ ground, but it was worth it.


I remember a match like that, me and about 13 others hired a sherpa van and travelled to Newport, it had been hammering down all morning and by the time we got there it HAD been called off, needless to say we wasn’t going home without having a day out, so after a few beers in the pub near to the ground, we started to get a bit boisterous, and the landlady was getting upset, so i told her that i would put a record on the dukebox for her, it was “rabbit” by chas and dave, within 10 minute’s there was about 20 coppers outside with dogs :joy: They ushered us into the sherpa and escorted us out of wales, being just a van there was nowhere for anyone to sit, so some bright spark decided to pinch a park bench, so stopping at a set of traffic lights he kicked the back doors open to go and get the bench, breaking one of the doors off the hinges, but we still wasn’t finished yet, we decided to stop in worcester for the rest of the night, but had to back the van up to a wall to stop anyone from getting in to pinch it, i think out of the 14 only 11 made it back in the van, a few got arrested, micky finn for walking to the next pub with his glass from the last pub :joy:, a certain Andy Walsh(of andy walsh funeral directors in bloxwich) said we were the craziest bunch of idiots he had ever met, and he would never travel with us again :joy:, and when we took the van back to the hire company(still with the park bench in the back) they barred us from hiring from them ever again.


I was there. It was like watching the Alamo at times and I’ve never been so far away from the pitch when behind the goals. Weird place.


Just waiting for someone to mention the double decker bus to Wigan episode…


Doncaster’s Belle Vue stadium was a funny old place - the executive boxes were portacabins stacked on top of each other, and they had flashing warning lights on the floodlight pylons because of the parachutists club next door (if it was a dull game, was more fun watching them).

I remember one visit there when there was some drag racing event or other at the racecourse across the road. The noise of the engines was so loud that for most of the game nobody bothered singing as you couldn’t hear the bloke next to you never mind the other end of the ground, and it continued for ages. There was a massive cheer when it finally stopped!




If you ever do publish your memoirs I will have to get a copy.


Thanks :+1: i will start taking orders :wink: most of them are on here now so you can read them for free :laughing: every time i come on here i have a story in my head, but some of them are a bit long winded for here. I am so glad that @Yorkred has found this forum because he has shared most of them with me lol.


Anyone remember when we outplayed F.C St Gallen in a friendly?
8-0 I think it finished. Would be a different proposition these days (probably the other way round!)
I also think we played Red Star Belgrade as well but can’t remember that result. Both matches at Fellows Park of course, bet they thought they were in a time warp.
The 8-4 against Torquay at the Bescot was also a night to remember.


Remember the van trip to Newport., bloody uncomfortable on that park bench, but better than on the floor.I took Finney back to Worcestetr to appear in court for theft of a beer glass.Must have been the most expensive pint in history!


If i remember right, one of the reasons they barred us from hiring a vehicle from them again, was the fact it was the third one that we had hired between us and the first 2 had been written off :joy: And as @Stroller has mentioned the wigan bus ride, do you remember what you said to me as we could hear the police vans looking for us? “i ain’t running i haven’t done anything wrong” about 5 mins before you were arrested :joy:


That ground at Brighton reminds me of experiencing THE WORST matchday pie-fart since football began, Tuesday night game the night Ishy scored from about 30 yards. Bearing in mind how “open-air” that end was in the first place it was unbelievable, grown men 20 yards away running down the steps with coats pulled up over their faces. I stood up and shouted “whoever the hells done that wants effin’ raking out”. Then I turned round to re-take my seat to see my (then) girlfriend guiltily laughing her head off. I don’t think I took her again until we split up.


And you didn’t marry her? :joy: reminds me of that old joke about a bird ■■■■■■■■ on the windscreen :smile:


Not only did I not marry her, I didn’t get a wink of sleep in the Premier Inn for fear of a repeat. Every time that advert with Lenny Henry came on, I used to say to her “he’s obviously never taken you to Brighton away has he?”


Macclesfield away FA cup, bizarre but good bizarre, they had not lost at home in ages and we were ■■■■ poor away, but we completely blew them away. Even Gary Porter looked good for change.

Strangest game I’ve been at that wasn’t Walsall was Sheff Utd against the Baggies when the game got cancelled in the second half because the blades kept having players sent. Very bizarre game, and quite unpleasant at times.


Another bizarre happening occurred just before KO in that remarkable 4-3 game v Bristol Rovers @Belphegor - the PA guy announced that they had received a bomb scare and asked those in the seats to “Look under their seats.” Thankfully after a few minutes the game went ahead. This game also marked Alan Birch’s debut who came on as sub just 16 y.o.


Most bizarre ground I went to was Northampton’s old ground they shared with the cricket team, 3 sides football stadium the remainder a cricket ground. Only went there once in our division 4 promotion season when Don Penn scored a peach of a goal with the outside of his foot from what seemed an impossible angle. Another bizarre game was a sherpa van trophy or similar, I can’t remember where but after a dull goalless draw Roger boli had to be stopped leaving the field and after having the golden goal rule explained to him, he promptly put the ball in the oppositions net straight from the start of extra time.


I remember that, do you remember the days where they used to lock the gates to stop fans clashing with each other after the game? well Northampton had old wooden gates and with a large saddlers following pushing against them were pushed off the hinges.


Once saw a reserve match v Villa at Fellows Park in the 80’s. Think it ended 6-5 to Villa but that’s not all. I think one player scored all their goals- Kerr?


Roger Boli , when he signed his agent told him we were a div 1 club which he thought meant the top league. That goal against Bristol Rvs you are right, think he wasnt interested until someone explained that who ever scored first ended the game, so he got the ball from the kick off beat their whole defence and put it in the net and then calmly walked off. Could do with him now.