Bizarre Walsall matches


The Watford games sticks in my memory too

I was in the forces and managed to get leave so had the hassle of a drive from Norfolk to Walsall first and then to the match! then back the next day…

Can’t remember exactly but I think we took around 5000 there


We went on the coach Coop and got there 20 minutes late when we were already 2-0 up.


:rofl::rofl: You know what i mean … in todays game the quality player he was then …:wink:

Mind you he would probably still do okay today …:rofl::rofl:


:-). Yes mate. You are right, he was great and would be worth a fair bit today if he was in his prime.


Still my all time favourite game , brilliant atmosphere generated by us Walsall fans who didn’t stop singing all night , lost my voice for two days


I got done £700 pound fine, and £140 costs for assault on the copper, was unheard of in those days a fine that big,
Was a manic trip tho, went off in Warrington at Alberts bar, then again in that rugby club in Wigan, before all hell broke loose st the ambulance station
Even the poor bus driver was arrested,
The bus left Walsall about half eight in morning for a 7 30 kick off so inevitable something was going to go off
Fantastic days tho chunkster. When we used to travel everywhere in large numbers, What we would give to see a return to those days, Walsall had some top boys ripping it up all over the country, and we had some amazing away days


Ye i remember the rugby club, we went on the stage trying to play the bands instruments :rofl: and the rugby lads took offence, they impounded the bus, and on the way back the bus driver was in tears :rofl: did you have any beer left on the bus? cus if you did it was probably me that drank it on the way home :rofl: £700 though ? i only got £200 against Millwall in 1981 :open_mouth: i asked the magistrate if he wanted it now and took a wad out of my pocket, the best about it i had saved it to by a car off @Yorkred so it wasn’t really my money, he had to have it £20 a week for the next 10 weeks :rofl:


You can buy me one back on sat then lol
Do you ever see anything of mad Mick,
Not seen him in years, still see the likes of spuda every now and then, as his son has a bathroom centre in leamore
Others I recall being on bus where, catta, Plattty, Leno spuda ,Stevie shaw, weed to name but a few
So suppose it was a recipie for disaster from the off lol
Often wonder what became of mad kick and Alan bonham , they just seemed to stop going overnight
Two good lads tho, with bo ham being a total lunatic, he would have fought the devil himself given the chance lol


The only old face i see now is leechy, and he looks at deaths door.


Like I say mate wasn heard of in those days, think they wanted to make an example of us, and somebody had to pay for them setting a special court up the next day lol
When they brought the coppers into the courtroom to show there injuries was a joke, they had plasters all over there faces and REALY laid it on thick
They tried to claim that I had kicked him in head whilst he was on floor , funny tho they never mentioned the beating they gave me in the back of the van, and again back at station
Happy days lol, Wouldn’t swap a thing was part and parcel of following Dh in those days


Kev will go till the day he drops, had some great away days with him, Especially when a few of us went on the back of his scaffolding truck to Chester one night game
Some Chester fans giving it large thinking there where only the two Walsall fans, should have seen there reaction, when a few of us popped from underneath the tarpaulin on back of truck and started wailing them with short scaffolding bars
We could write a book chunkster, many wouldn’t believe the reputation Walsall had in those days


When they let us go about 10 pm, they told us that we were banned from ever stepping foot inside the borough of Wigan ever again, 2 of my mates attended the court with you, little gaz day and @Yorkred who has just joined this forum, did they give you cold beans for breakfast? :smile:


True mate :wink:


Can’t remember what they gave us mate, think there where about a dozen of us all in front of court at same time, couldn’t believe it when they said I was the only one facing the assault on police officers charge, I was standing next to a good mate of mine Andy Plattt laughing and joking, untill they read the charges out
Still got the cuttings from the next day’s express and star somewhere, people say it made the national news on the night it happened, but don’t know how true that is, but we where all told the same as you we where never to return to Wigan again, Didn’t stop us tho lol


It made the front page of the express and dingle
“BUS RIDE OF TERROR” was the headline.


Same here mate, i got a kicking back at green lane, AND they thought it would be funny to lock me in a cell with 2 millwall fans :rofl: but it backfired on them because we got on like a house on fire, even offered to take me for a pint at the old priory before they caught the train back to london, top lads :wink:


Kev was at the Bradford game on Saturday, he was sat in front of me in the upper Homeserve, I had a chat with him, loves his WFC. I got to know him a few yrs ago, I was looking for a scaffold company to do works for the company I worked for and was given his details, as soon as we both realised we were saddlers we got on like a house on fire! He liked a drink👍I always seem to bump into him when I go to a game.


He was sitting just up from me at Coventry, i got his usual greeting of " how ya doin ya little fat bastard " :rofl:


Sounds very much like the refined and eloquent Kev we all know😂


Unwritten law. Fan vs fan. Fans vs force!