Blackpool (A) 9th Feb, 3pm


That’s 2 against again today

There’s only one place we are going with a league 2 back 5

As said above we need to score 2 to get anything from a game

Keates needs to do the right thing now for the good of the club that gave him a good playing career

Bonser out!


Cant wait to see how many turn up with the fantastic £5 a ticket offer for Bradford

“£5 That will make them happy and paper over this non league rubbish”


It what happens when people don’t watch matches then give a review of performances :joy:


This forum is being ruined by folk who just wanna disagree with each other - well a few anyway.

Our team, our club and out L1 survival is in dire straits and all some can do is bicker with each other.

FFS can we leave the personal spats and focus on the **** that we are all enduring these days! :roll_eyes:

Just saying…


No more Dean is a legend, local boy done good, hope it works out and he turns it around…time to nail flag to the mast and he needs to go. We can’t sign anyone else, no more loans, the only variable than can be changed now is the manager.


Would cost too much, he wont be sacked only thing he can do is walk…


I’m sorry but that’s just going to happen when I have to travel to watch that crap for 90 minutes and then some ■■■■■■■ accuses me of not knowing what I’m on about and acting like a condescending ■■■■■■.

Ban me :man_shrugging:


Go and get Ian Holloway NOW


Another thread of bickering. Great.


On here and in the stands by the looks of it.


I think keates is in real trouble if we don’t win on Tuesday evening.


Don’t really want to sack another manager but can’t see any other way of staying up as it is. Apart from the odd game last season and the beginning of this season what has Dean done his assistants are hopeless


Cannot find anything positive to say about DK at moment.
Poor team selection, why Scarr ahead of Fitzwater & Johnson? Why no Kinsella? Why right back in midfield when we have an abundance of first team players?
Poor use of substitutes, always leaves so late. No tactical awareness.
Only thing i won’t blame him for is missing the penalty.
Anything other than a win on Tuesday and he should go.


Not sure what’s worse, bickering on here or posting whilst you’re at a game :man_shrugging:t2::joy:


There’s ■■■■ all to watch


Probably better than watching the dross on the pitch :smile:


Am becoming a little despondent now and doubt we will make the play-offs.


Good points :joy:


We need someone who’s prepared to motivate this squad to perform…

I’m not one for the battering ram approach and I know it can have the wrong effect but I get the feeling a good old fashioned bollocking is needed to get this lot to wake up and smell the coffee.

We are heading down fast and the odd win from our current form/position is not going to be enough this season - it’s looking more likely that a team with more than 50 points will quite probably be relegated


At the moment we will be lucky to get 49 points