Blackpool (A) 9th Feb, 3pm


I’ve just seen Blackpool’s second goal = comedy defending!!
Get Fitz (our best defender) back in alongside Johnson (who’d done nothing wrong) I say.


Oi’m afeared we’m boogered now :tired_face:
But we doh seem ter be 'avin much luck at the mowment. :grimacing:


There’s no such thing as luck. Luck doesn’t exist so forget that argument.


Yes yes yes agree .


They don’t show our penalty!!! Strange!!


It wasn’t me who posted that


I wouldn’t be against that at all.

The trouble is DK is snookered with the amount of loans in the squad.

Let’s say he does decide Fitz and Johnson is CB combo for Tuesday. That’s two loans in the 18 straight away.

At the risk of stirring Funk again Jarvis has to start as he’s simply one of the best players at the club. Add in Oteh who sounds lively and won a penalty and that’s four.

It then comes down to choice between Laird or Blackett-Taylor. Take out Laird and you have Leahy at left back until end of season and all the divide that causes. Taking out CB leaves you one less attacking option on bench and having to rely more on Ismail which isn’t a great idea seeing as he hasn’t had a good game since late September.

Decisions decisions and too many loanees spoiling the broth.


Relegation is moving steadily from a possibility to something else. Something more … Substantial.

I never felt this way under Smith or Whitney.


Our budget is lower than Accrington FFS

When we people realise ? It does not matter who manages us at the moment


Where can I find out who has what budget for the season? Is there a website with a list?


Yes and we have 31 players the most I can recall with a first team squad of 21. If the budget is as small as you say then it is being used badly and that is down to the Manager.


Left it until today to contribute to this thread.

We didn’t start playing until the second half. Criminal when we’re fighting for our lives. But not surprising when we keep rotating the personnel and style. I think they spent the first 45 minutes introducing each other.

Second half was loads better. On the balance of play we deserved at least a point. But it’s beginning to feel more and more unfair when the opposition have a goalie who makes some big saves.

You could look at Scarr for both goals. Again in Keates’s rather basic managerial style he has picked a big lad (because we’re poorly prepared at set pieces) rather than a footballer with mobility. Out of the five or six centre halves I’ve seen for us this season Connor Johnson has looked the most assured. Similar, out of the six or seven central midfielders, Kinsella has looked the most hungry and mobile. Neither can currently make the 18 in a bloody awful team. And if somebody could let me know what Blackett-Taylor gives us over Morris, I’d be really interested to find out.

Unfortunately, Dean is attempting to show some mettle in the wrong areas (lads who might actually feel something for the club). His selection and tactics are muddled and confused beyond belief with apparently little or poor input from the bus-load of back room staff he has appointed.

This week though, the slowest hand-clap isn’t reserved for Keates. Rather, it belongs to 100 or so morons, most of whom I’ve never seen at a Walsall game before who were giving it “you’re not fit to wear the shirt” after 15 minutes and stood in the way of our disabled fans all second half whilst periodically spitting at stewards. Absolute bunch of weapons the lot of them.


How would you know FFS !!!


Special mention for those kicking/trying to rip off the advertising hoardings at the end too. Bunch of kids with four cans of lager in them giving it the big one to a bunch of stewards. Absolute embarrassment.


I have seen somewhere ( I think it was posted on here the budget table) and secondly the interview from John Coleman at Accy - whilst being lorded for the job he is doing he picked us the interviewer for saying whilst having the lowest budget in the league - he corrected said interviewer with - walsalls budget is lower than ours !


They have lower capacity, but I don’t think their crowds are much lower than ours. Plus they sold 2 players for a combined total of more than 2 million in the summer, with one already returning on loan in January.


Why do our fans think that our manager has been backed? I just do not get it at all. We are told time and again we pay peanuts but its like some fans have their fingers in their ears shouting LA LA LA LA.

My original comments about the child loanee and the crock were more of a commentary on our transfer policy as a whole than the individuals themselves. The players are just another Adgei, Ngoy…blah blah - names mean absolutely nothing. They may be okay, just like all the others we have had through the revolving door - but still not anywhere near enough! Most will drift away into non-league and one in ten or fifteen will move on higher like Tyler Roberts did.

I wonder how much of Acrrington’s transfer funds were pumped straight back into the football side. Now, where did that Bradshaw & Henry money go again…


The keeper position was a key change needed in the window and Roberts needs to be out of the spotlight. His form has disappeared in recent months and is guilty of lot of recent goals in that time. Is that the Coach or not?
Little doubt that if we still had Etheridge or even O’Donnell we would be sitting in top half.
As many have said it is wierd to not pick Kinsella and to have Osbourne in the squad instead. A supertanker can turn and move quicker.
The best CH (Fitz) is left on the bench with echoes of Whitney/Tyler Roberts last season.
Guthrie needed resting weeks ago.
Leahy finally left out rather than immediately Laird arrived. The fans know Leahy just is not a defender and that has been clear all season. He has positives but not in defence so is a luxury in a struggling team.
It is not much to ask in a pro team to have a couple of good penalty takers ready and able and willing. The last two taken and missed were pathetic. It smacks of total mismanagement to me and makes us look amateurs.


We’ve got a squad of over thirty players and a dozen managerial and backroom staff. We have such a tiny budget to spread it this thin is fatally flawed.


Semantically, existentially, substantively, philosophically and statistically, you are correct. There is only happenstance - garbage happens.
But we’m boogered either way :worried: