Blackpool (A) 9th Feb, 3pm


Point taken. But I would hazard a guess (taking into account the way we do business) that if we put the whole portion of all the loanee players wages that we actually pay into a big pot, it still would not get us one talented, proven, League One player.

Like many other posters have said over the last couple of years, this approach from the top was always going to catch us out eventually; this season may be the year.


Suggestion regarding future penalty taking seeing as virtually everyone’s had a go now, this fella,

That’s how to take a penalty.


I agree. The opaque way we do business means that we are all guessing to a point.

I think we are now in a perfect Walsall FC storm of our business as usual crap budget juxtaposed with a manger that hasn’t a clue what to do with those meagre crumbs.


Once again we only looked a bit better when the opposition decide that they now have something that they want to hold onto.

We aren’t good enough for this league anymore and it’s as simple as that. If we stay up it’ll be the same next season. Busy trying to just survive, like Oldham did for a few years before eventually, you go down.


In the old street football rules he would have taken yesterday’s because he won it.

Maybe we should begin playing by these rules.


I’ve waited and waited to post on this from yesterday, and to be honest I’m not even remotely annoyed now. I will never give up on supporting Walsall, but there wasn’t much to support yesterday.

I can’t think of any particular player that stood out as being good - Norman did alright I suppose, as did Cook, but he lost his head a little towards the mid-point of the second half which resulted in him trying too hard I think.

The worst thing about the whole game is that as soon as we went 0-1, you kind of knew we weren’t going to come back from it. That speaks volumes I think.

On a side note, it was good to speak with the Head of Blackpool’s Supporters Trust who has said I can contact them whenver to speak about things. Our situation is slightly different, but the ideas very similar. Although not nice to see such an empty ground, I thought it was great that so many people are behind their protest and stick with it. Nice group of people, and they seem to think that change isn’t too far around the corner. FIngers crossed for them.


I stopped posting on Saturday simply for the fact I was being painted as the inflammatory one, again, because I disagree with somebody. The fact that I simply asked a question for what I thought was unfair criticism is overlooked because “you’re just on the wind up again”.

This AFTER being accused of being brainwashed, a happy clapper and spoken too so condescendingly that a 5 year old would take offence.

The fact of the matter was we weren’t good enough in many areas of the pitch:

Roberts - no keeper should be being beaten at that angle for the first.
Scarr - What on earth is he doing for the second. We are one nil down on a ■■■■ pitch and he’s trying to dribble it out like Sergio Ramos. After he was outpaced and beaten for the first as well. Simply does not look good enough based on what I have seen the last two weeks.
Jarvis - subdued. And the penalty was dreadful.
Cook - Put himself about but there was a real lack of quality to his end product Saturday. Obviously shown what a good player he is so he’s probably due a poor performance once in a while.

On the whole we look a very poor side that is slipping uncontrollably down the table. We weren’t even out played, we were on top for a lot of the game particularly second half, but we never really looked like scoring, apart from the pen. And one chance from Oteh who managed to wriggle through.

What a happy clapping brain washed view.


Having just watched the highlights, imagine my shock to see Liam Roberts let in a muddy bobbler roll in past him.

Its not too much to ask of him to make a save every once in a while. Its impossible at this level to not concede chances,. We can defend all game but he consistently lets the defence down. contrast it with Blackpools keeper, we got through once or twice but he was actually competent.

We would be far better off playing a Wardrobe in goal.


As for the penalty, no excuse for a professional to hit a ball that badly. Pathetic, and he knew it.


The club is institutionally rotten now, from the chairman to the fans. The fans were exempt from criticism until Saturday. If the FA or EFL wanted to fine the club for that disgraceful incident, they’d be quite within their rights. How stupid to undermine any prospective protest with such behaviour.

As for the playing staff, we can see their unprofessionalism quite plainly with our own eyes, but consider these tangible points as well:

Inability to convert penalties, no matter who takes them
Shipping early goals in sluggish starts
Shipping late goals due to poor game management
Total inability to defend set plays over and over again
Correctly signing players and then playing the same old faithfuls

and worst of all for me

Producing two displays against Coventry that prove none of the above need apply

Like our friends Aston Villa, the club is institutionally rotten. This means that nobody is capable of managining it and producing success. Making a token effort like chucking a bit of money at the team, painting the stadium and offering a £5 game are all welcome, but they are just quick fixes to mask the real issues at hand here. Unlike Villa, our situation is salvageable, but it will take reform from the top down. No-one is exempt from criticism.


I would add Sunderland to your Coventry analogy…perhaps we have gone back to being a team that likes playing against the better teams…mind you it means the Manager picking the best team!!!


I’m sure you’re right, but I couldn’t attend unfortunately.


Crossed pretty much everything with his left foot today, barely anything beat the first man!


All game my mate was saying give the ball to jarvis he is class :grin: apparantly this was his worst game


He has been class in his career.

At the moment he’s looking like a guy who didn’t play a single game for 30 months.