Blackpool (A) 9th Feb, 3pm


‘Class acts’ in a team going down? WHAT?? Have you seen the results?

These players are not class acts they are bargain basement buys by a panicked board yet AGAIN

Clap clap clap, ching ching ching. Brainwashed man.


Now that team WERE class acts. Thats what you call class, not old crocks & loaned children


What you on about? I asked you what Oteh has done wrong this game?


Here we go. Not getting into this with you again, would hate to see you given another ban from your favourite site.


Blackett Taylor on for ex England international and premier league regular Matt Jarvis.


Walsall’s yellow card went to Andy Cook

Corey Taylor brought on to replace Matt Jarvis


You are bonkers!! Jarvis is a very skilful player who has played on 3 goals for Cook since he came. Oteh is a very promising player who showed lot in his cameo last week. Anyway you wouldn’t know because you don’t watch us anymore.


Called it. Absolutely pathetic.


Doncaster Rovers 3 Peterborough Utd 1

Walsall’s 3rd substitution, 77 minutes … Zeli Ismael on for Nicky Devlin


There’s lots of ex internationals out there past their best! Means absolutely nothing.

Lets just see where these ‘class acts’ get us come the end of the season - which is what actually matters. Clap clap clap :clap::clap::clap::clap:

Name calling again - don’t learn do you…


Nah Jarvis was a good pick up…I agree the other loanees were just youth gambles when more experience was required.

Ultimately they’ve just come into a team lacking quality and more importantly belief on an awful run. Seems heads have dropped again after the missed penalty.


We’re going down


Not fair to write them off though. Particularly Oteh who’s been our only outlet for large parts of the game.



Some team that was!

Pure quality all over the pitch, had a clear vision and a clear structure, atmosphere best its been…

Since that season, it has been a souless bowl

We are crap and need to wake up and smell the clean sheets


6 corners, have we ever scored directly as a result of a corner this season? Anybody know?


poor game today look flat for me.


No problem with him coming in with also experienced striker…most teams operate with at least 4 strikers in squad at this level.

You look at Chris Long…scored v Walsall for Bolton a few years back and also twice for Northampton last year and likely the match winner today.

Proven league one striker and for whatever reason didn’t work out at Fleetwood (think him and Barton didn’t get on). Was available for loan in January and Blackpool with their miniscule budget picked him up.

Long + Cook as front two with say Oteh and Ferrier as bench turning options, that would’ve been good. Could’ve loaned Gordon out to league 2 team where he could score a few goals and so come back a better striker for next season.


All over now…2-0.

Another tight game passes Walsall by.


2-0 game over.


At least it wasn’t 6 though eh :smiley: