Blackpool (A) 9th Feb, 3pm


Thank god for all these class players otherwise we would be looking pretty poor!


Oxford Utd have equalised against Sunderland … 1-1 now


We’m gewin down.

Can’t score and can’t keep clean sheets.

The big question now is do we stick with Dean. Big big question.


That’s completely irrelevant to the point. He’s literally been the one shining light in this ■■■■ poor performance. Singling him out is nonsense, he really isn’t the problem.


Dan Scarr horrendous error


We’re down. No question.


For the first time now I’m doubting DK ability. ■■■■■■■ shambles and ■■■■■■■ gutted


LOL :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

We’re ■■■■■ from top to bottom. Bonser Out. Gamble out. Mole out. The cleaners out. Keates Out. The backroom staff out. The players out. The ball boys out. The ticket office staff out. Everyone out.


Blimey read my post…I’m actually part agreeing with you!!! No name calling either btw…

Just saying Jarvis isn’t a bad player but y’know good players are part of relegated clubs on plenty of occasions…look at the Newcastle team that went down a few years back.


Yeah it’s Oteh and Jarvis’ failt Dann Scarr thought he was Zinadine Zidane in his own box for a sec :joy:


Yet another defensive mistake…looks like relegation to me too. Missing gilt edged chances and making defensive errors all the time.


Attendance at Bloomfield Road today 3,252


I just don’t see how we can stick with him in this current form - it’s free fall into relegation at the minute…

I’d love him to turn it round but it’s just not happening…


Scarr at fault for both goals today. And the second last week. He doesn’t look up to it for me.


utter dross.


I’m sorry, I’m not seeing anything I want to see from a manager in Dean. We are not improving, we’re getting worse.

I highlighted how poor we were in the Portsmouth match thread back in November, I could see the writing was on the wall. We’ve been shocking, absolutely shocking, and it’s down to the way we just stand off teams.

P.S I got absolute pelters on that Pompey thread from many, for pointing out how poor we were.


Seems he isn’t good enough to start week in week out at this level.

Don’t understand why Fitzwater has been loaned back just to bench warm…that’s also upset the balance as Johnson was doing o.k and he can’t get in the 18 because of 5 loans allowed. I expect one of them at least will start on Tuesday.

DK just made some really poor calls over last two months. He is struggling big time.


We are looking like a typical relegation team - unsettled line up, lack of experience, over-reliant on one player to score goals, poor keeper, poor defence. There’s nothing there, just nothing. We’re down unless we bring in someone to kick these players in the arse.


Looking like Keates is going to have to go soon. It’s treating the symptom rather than the cause but what else can we do. Dean should have stayed at Wrexham. His heart must have ruled his head coming back here.


Just would’ve liked another experienced league one striker in this window, that’s all.

Do you think there’s enough goals in the front line if Cook is being marked out of the game? Who else is even going to contribute 5 goals in the run in? Gordon, Ferrier, Devlin?