Blackpool (A) 9th Feb, 3pm


Let me explain how a message board works.

I have an opinion and post, you can reply and agree or disagree and then leave it. No point shouting me down continually, because someone like you ain’t gonna change my mind.

Stop getting so wound up, post your opinion then shut the ■■■■ up! Simple!


Keates is out of his depth. Walk away, protect your legacy. You’re not a good manager but you can still be a legend.


If we want a chance of staying then Dean has to go, he’s really out of his depth.
Saying that, the squad is awful and blame the Walsall ‘board’ for the continued lack of investment in everything to do with the football team. That rent check to our saviour is killing us


I just replied to you and pointed out how wrong you are. Unfortunately, THAT is actually how a messagebord works.



Agree, walk away and let us focus on the real problem. Then even those still sitting on the fence will have nobody to direct their anger act other than the people responsible



Add another L to this.

Absolutely shocking.


You have no idea how a message board works; was it not you that was banned last week? :joy: you know as much about message boards as you do about football


Well I’ve seen a game and 10 minutes of Oteh so far so I can’t say. But he’s looked a real handful in that time so who knows.

Sitting here wishing we’d signed somebody else doesn’t mean you write him off.

All I know is singling him out after this performance is hilariously off the target.


And a word for Luke Leahy. What a ■■■■.

I know he didn’t play today, but what kind of attitude do you have to have to post a disrespectful message to fans on social media after the one ■■■■■■■ win in a run like we’ve been on. What an almighty ■■■■.

Non league attitude, Non league ability.


Conceding 2 on average per game, we could have Ronaldo, Messi and Aguero upfront and we’d struggle to win games. It’s all down to the way we defend, and thats Keates, he’s got to take responsibility.


Hahahahaha Id russle jimmies if I were him too. Why the ■■■■ should be show any professionalism or loyalty to our fans?

I mean he didn’t even play today and his name still gets brought up. Couldn’t make it up.


Clap clap clap, ching ching ching. Brainwashed man.
Your right Funk. Firstly, if they were class acts they certainly would not be at Walsall FC.
Good grief, i cannot believe people never learn and keep falling for the same trick that uncle jeff always pulls over and over again.


Of course but he’s just a kid in his first proper loan spell.

Same as Shabiu and Ngoy who both looked o.k in their early games this time last year (Ngoy scored winner v Franchise and Shabiu looked decent against Doncaster).

Neither were deemed good enough by this forum by end of the season and now one is playing non league and the other is abroad I think.

There needs to be loads of goals in the forward line as the team isn’t good enough to keep clean sheets. Don’t see who’s going to contribute if Cook can’t get on the end of chances tbh.


Desist from what? Pathetic.


With a board like we have, the last sort of manager we need is one still learning.


■■■■■■■ joke! Actually deserve to go down!


We are dross

It is embarrassing


Yes after watching them perform, not after. We’ve had loans that have worked out too.


Desist from the pathetic bickering. If you want to insult another poster then by all means do so … by private message.


I asked you a simple question. What has Oteh done wrong this game? You then used us conceding a goal to justify that. Without seeing it or who was at fault.

Let’s stick to facts.