Blackpool (H) 1st Sept, 3pm


Why have you transferred a post from one completely unrelated topic to this one…BOJO TO Blackpool ?
This was the reply to Mancs post about Boris Johnsons statement today and my preference to who could count the next (but there will never be one) referendum results, i could have stated anybodys name !
Obsessed !


Can I just point out that this is ■■■■■■■ ridiculous.


Brian, stop being a prat.

You’re either genuinely upset over, wait for it, the atrocity of Welsh posting an attendance and a latest score that was later corrected (big deal, who cares), or you are simply deliberately causing problems and trying to whip up a shitstorm.

Neither possibility reflects very well on you to be perfectly frank. Move on, and stop trying to destabilise site traffic with your ongoing bobbins.


I agree with this man … move on ffs!