Blackpool (H) 1st Sept, 3pm


Has to be better than a 1-0 defeat, where did Welsh get his info?


A lucky escape, I think?


That’s the attendance and the final score you have got wrong !


The Betfair website - the little symbol :soccer: stayed on the screen even though the score still said 0-0


In fairness, it did say 3762 on the official site for most of the second half.


Actually no … The BBC got the attandance wrong (and corrected it later), and the betfair website left the football symbol on their screen, as already explained. Do keep up.


Anyway, A CLEAN SHEET!!!


Deano has his work cut out, seems like we have gone into reverse, still we were in the play off’s for a couple of weeks and we have a gap between us and the relegation zone, for now.


Couldn’t even beat Blackpool at home, looking like cook can’t cut it!! Stick to the conference tin head


A clean sheet which is I’m told is better than a win :laughing:




Yeah, god forbid anyone was enjoying the start of the season eh.


Seeing as though you have set your self up as the self styled commentator you should get your facts right before posting…do keep up !
Kenneth Wolstenholme would never have got 2 simple ( but important ) facts wrong in one game !
BBC is still saying 4762


KW wouldn’t have been relying on the internet.

The Beeb and had 3762 earlier.


Welsh relies on the internet to keep us informed of the scores we probably have already seen for ourselves.


Still unbeaten. Still in the play-off zone. First clean sheet.


Yes, if you’re not on UTS.


Well if you are not on UTS how do you get to see his well informed updates ?


Sorry to say we were dire today. Fortunate to get a point but we did somehow keep a clean sheet which is the best that can be said. I feel sure the management and team will learn from that. Still in the top 6 !!!


I agree it wasn’t a great performance but we’re unbeaten after 6 and on 14 points, cheer up lads.