Blackpool (H) 1st Sept, 3pm


Not much to see here - not even the mystery ‘goal’.

31 seconds of Sky highlights


can see why fans love Ferrier though, he looks like he would run through a brick wall for you :ok_hand: my post earlier


now i know you are a wind up merchant, because they were better for at least 60 mins of the game.


Yes, he’s a right-back: why bring him on in an attacking position when we are trying to win the game? He contributed absolutely nothing. And I don’t agree that Ferrier was a constant threat: he was certainly our best attacking threat but he skied his only chance over the away end stand and didn’t have another shot.


It was a strange one as Maz was warming up for a good five minutes. If anything you bring him on and push Devlin to the right wing and hope he can get a decent cross in.


I was just thinking about the one pod beyond tape, on their pessimistic rant they said that we hadn’t played anyone any good yet, well i think we did today and got away with it, i just hope that we can do the same when we play another decent team.


When? I can’t remember Roberts having to make a save. One palm from a long distance Spearing shot and a deflection.

It was an even game. Making out they were all over us for 60 minutes is fanciful.


Because he was the only option after our other right mid went down injured. Or bring Kouyar on on his wrong foot. Both would be playing out of position and considering Devlin already had his hands full with their wingers he was probably the most sensible choice.

There weren’t many shots in the whole game. But he was constantly hassling their defenders, putting himself about, running and beating players.


There are 4 good teams at this level looking at the results so far, Sunderland, Barnsley, Posh and Portsmouth.

Automatic promotion will be two of those teams.

Beyond that I think things are very open. One of the posters the other day pointed out teams like Bradford, Scunny, Charlton who are usually up there are in a state of flux and then the surprise packages like Burton and Sloppies have reverted to fighting relegation.

So open for two spots in the play offs for whoever wants them.


and the fact that roberts cocked up a couple of times, and the disallowed goal ?


Player ratings

Roberts. Solid
Fitzwater. Defensively sound but offered none of his usual threat from set peices
Guthrie. Did nothing wrong
Devlin. Reliable. Always feel confident with him defending
Leahy. Had a great start to the season. This was a game to forget. Poor final ball
Osbourne. Physical presence and undeniable quality but final ball let him down
Dobson. Tried
Morris. Consistently inconsistent. Ginelly far better option
Ismail. 1 or 2 nice touches but no where near enough
Cook. Looked a yard of the pace. Slow. Laboured. No threat whatsoever. Needs to step uo big time to succeed at this level
Ferrier. Starved of service








Shots on Target











Disallowed goal as in he ran from an offside position and scored? What about it? We’d have probably scored if we were allowed to be offside too. In fact Morgan Ferrier was played through one on one with their keeper and was given offside.


we were poor going forward today but as i said we didn’t lose and we kept a clean sheet thanks to the superb defence, one of the things i WAS pleased with was the way the fans stuck with the team, and clapped them at the end, they have struck up a good relationship over the last few games and long may it continue.


Spose those questions aren’t fair then


i don’t agree with your assessment of the game no but he ho i don’t think that we should carry on just disagreeing with each other just for the sake of it


Yes, we were second-best to a well-organised and dangerous Blackpool side - the facts don’t lie.


Thing is you’re arguing something that isn’t subjective. The bit that’s subjective is you think they were the better team. Fine

The bit that isn’t subjective is that you’ve backed that up by saying our keeper made mistakes, which I can’t remeber, and that they were unlucky because they scored a goal where the striker is offside, which is weird because that’s simple rules of the game and we also had the same situation.


Almost like you can watch a game in a different context.

1 shot on target all game for both sides says it all. Crazy to suggest they were the better team any longer than about 20 odd minutes.


we didn’t have a shot on target