Bloody bottle jobs


get them useless sods back in tomorrow morning to go running.

Just unnacaptable to keep conceding so many late goals now.

it’s a results business and when you have maximum points in your hand then you have to take them and anything else needs consequences.


■■■■■■■ hell :roll_eyes:


Young inexperienced team. Young inexperienced manager. They all made some silly decisions today, they all get a bit panicky when we’re holding onto a lead.

Don’t think it is a bottle thing.


We’ve got that same wobbly fragile defence that almost got us relegated last season. We haven’t got the budget to transform the entire team so there was always gonna be frustrations with them again this season.

Need to stay patient and let him sort the back out in the summer.


Don’t think it was a bottle job at all. Poor decision making and they need to learn fast. Perfect opportunity to put it right against same opposition next weekend. Will say Ferrier was a big dissapointment when he came on, didn’t put a shift in and was too selfish when he had the ball.


Wrong sub to make for me. He doesn’t do his job defensively. The managerial equivalent of trying to start an attack instead of running it into the corner… Lessons for all yesterday.


I mean, I was disappointed but this is a little over the top


I do find it odd that Keates managed to get a record breaking number of clean sheets last season with Wrexham, but we can’t defend for ■■■■, and that isn’t necessarily down to the personnel (Wonder how much Carl Darlington had to do with it?). However, all things considered we would have been tonked if Sunderland had remained with 11 men, so see it as a point gained, especially as we are very much a mid-table team this season.


FI agree Dan.

At the start of the season he was swapping the right sided attacker for Wilson so that he and Devlin could double up effectively to the opponents’ left sided threat.

It was only marginally successful in that a few two goal leads were halved (Plymouth, Gillingham, Rochdale). But we did hold on.

Yesterday we brought on Morris (enforced at 0-0) and Ferrier which meant we ended the game with less ability to hold the ball up and win it back than we started with. In fact, with a sub up our sleeve and a man advantage whilst trying to see a game out it was odd that we finished the game with Ferrier, Morris and Ginnelly who’s stats around winning and keeping possession must be amongst the most erratic at the club. Meanwhile Osbourne and Ronan whilst very different players must both be better bets for either winning or keeping the ball than any of those three.

By finishing with the personnel and formation we did, the chances of a fourth goal in the game were decent. It could have been us, and if it had this conversation wouldn’t be taking place, but it also gave them the sniff they needed.

But what an enthralling game of football. And sometimes, it is worth just sitting back and appreciating what a fine game it was. If we had a chance of promotion or likely to be embroiled in a relegation scrap we might rue the two points but as neither are likely, I’m pretty happy to have been there for such an exciting match. I just hope the manager and players are all a tad wiser.


You forget about Pompey on Tuesday?

I don’t think a running marathon session is brightest idea when you’re away to top of the table in midweek, will be plenty of running in that game without the ball.


I do like the player but he is very selfish , and alway’s trying to do it alone instead of passing to team mate’s who are in better position’s .

Had a supporter say he’d rather see a selfish forward , but when they are still lacking as a forward , and risk alienating his fellow striker’s i feel he’s going to cause some resentment


Ok i will put my tin hat on now lol, at least Backa would pass it :stuck_out_tongue:


you’re best to shut up me think’s :hammer:


A tin hat won’t protect you from a nuclear bombardment.


Sometimes i think i have a self destruct button, and i have to jump up and down on it to make sure it is working :rofl: it’s a form of tourette’s :rofl:


■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■■■■■ ■■■■


We’ve signed three forwards who have never played at this level. One of them, Cook is looking like a nailed on 15 and quite possibly 20 goals a season striker. Another, Gordon, looks like he has something about him and is one for the future. The other, Ferrier, also looks like he has talent but also possibly an attitude that will nullify his potential. As for Baka, if he could take a break from the intensity of having made two starts for Coventry, Bernie would have him replacing Roberts in goal.


We’re you drunk or high on ketamine even you posted this?


not sure what your trying to say, guess the ketamine was potent inside you at the time of typing.


Just my twisted sense of humour working overtime boys :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: