Bloody bottle jobs


Damn phone it should have read as when and not even.

But still your post is completely OTT… the gulf in class is huge, even with 10 men Sunderland had more than enough quality.


when we have a player extra yet its us just lumping it forward in sheer panic instead using the man advantage then theres no defending it. we wasn’t undone by a wolrdie of a goal.

First goal was very poor and the second goal I am sure that devlin had a two on one against him before the ball come over…HOW does that happen when you have a man advantage?

we are not talking about part time players here, we are talking about players who have lived slept and breathed football most of their lives.

its pitiful and pathetic to try and excuse drawing that game given the circumstances


There’s rightly criticising the players for throwing away that position.

And then there is completely going over the top accusing them of cowardice and being useless, despite being well above anywhere that was predicted at the start of the season over one result and completely ignoring the positives from that game,

Get yourself a Snickers.


don’t think im throwing the towel in over one game, so not sure where that assumption has come from, I am proud of the players so far and everyone had a good game I felt but there’s no denying in my opinion professional footballers should be seeing out a 2-0 lead against 10 men.

The’re not Barcelona.!

I’m sure we beat Southampton at our place when they had lalana , lambert etc and gues what they had 11 men.

We beat wolves (away) who were in the same position as sunderland, they had 11 men that night too.

I don’t get this ■■■■ sucking of sunderland.


It’s called football. Stuff happens. The speed of actions sometimes takes everyone by surprise, which it’s why it’s the most exciting game in the world.

I don’t think obsessing over singular instances is particularly helpful or useful to be honest. You learn from it and move on. Looking at both the Sunderland goals, they come from players clearly very confident, which isn’t surprising considering the run they’ve been on.

I don’t think anyone is ‘to blame’, unless you suspect individuals performed well below par or somehow were negligent in their prosecution of their task.


Yes, and I was there. We’d play that game again 10 times and lose 8 and draw 1. Walker pulled off one of the most amazing saves when Lambert headed it point blank and Walker stabbed out a foot and half trod on it.

I’m not sure many Saints fans aged over 14 were moaning bitterly about Lambert and the team ‘letting them down’. They probably shrugged and said ‘that’s football’, just like most Walsall fans have done on this occasion.

You win some, you lose some. Sometimes lady luck smiles, sometimes she doesn’t. That in fact, is life.


It’s disappointing and we shouldn’t of let it slip, even against a 10 man Sunderland (I’m not having that just because it’s Sunderland it’s acceptable or that “We’d have taken a point before kick off” blah blah blah) … But your reaction is OTT. These players aren’t useless. They’re young and a bit naive. They will learn from this, I’m positive of that.


Not sure where I made that assumption either?

I just used your own words “useless” and Cowardice (“bottle jobs”).


just watched the first goal back, devlin and morris can not let that wide man get any joy when hes penned in by the corner flag 2 on 1.

and then when the ball does get into the box, 6 Walsall in the box to sunderlands one. Ginelly appears to be the closest man to their goal scorer but not one of the centre halves of midfielders are ALIVE TO THE ONLY BLOODY PLAYER/THREAT TO OUR GOAL!

That isn’t bad luck its football suicide. you can not paint any other picture when one player nets when there are 6 players to sort him out.


Yeah, it’s ■■■■ that we let a goal in.


6 players to 1 in the box in a game where we have maximum points in our hands… yes it is really ■■■■. its a results business.


Yeah, they should have immolated themselves alive to distract the player from scoring. It’s an absolute disgrace. A colleague of mine misplaced his keys the other day, not sure I’ll ever talk to him again, it’s an absolute disgrace.

Oh hang on, people make mistakes, I forgot. :thinking:


its not just the dropped 2 points its also the other psychological implications.

We now have to pick ourselves up off the floor from such a terrible ending to the game, we do that going up against an already tough game away at pompey and then we play sunderland again who will be buzzing to get back here and show us what they can do when they have 11 men on the pitch the amount of belief they will have when they play us next will be huge.

Just doing their jobs and holding on would of given us such a psychological boost in the next two fixtures.


Interesting you named Devlin though, considering he did actually stop the cross but nobody responded to the second ball.

So it is. And they have been good so far this season on the whole. Including a point that seemed incredibly tough to win Saturday.


‘A’ mistake… wrong. 6 mistakes not one player switched on to take charge of the situation.

Hey its the first time we have conceded towards the end of the game so can excuse them for making this 1 mistake…oh wait…


tough before 15:20, easy at 14:15…


It’s a results business as you said. In the grand scheme of things a point against Sunderland is not a bad result, whether we looked like winning or losing at whatever point.

You can’t say “it’s a results business” and then dismiss the result because x y and z happen.

if you want to play that game it looked like a ■■■■■■■ impossible one at 3:15, then it looked like a disappointing one at 4:45


the second goal - really poor communication and defensive team work from morris and devlin which resulted in a free cross, then when you freeze the picture when the ball comes in one sunderland man is completely unmarked in the box.

Roberts has to do better for me on the shot also.

two goals that come from poor defensive organisation and teamwork from devlin and morris.


I take it you have forgotten our nearly promotion season ? blackpool at home, not beating crewe etc them lost points ■■■■■■ us up… history has taught us when the results are there to be taken they need taking or else it will bite us on the bum.


Yeah you are right. Us only taking a point rather than three off Sunderland is probably the difference between us getting promoted or not this season, to be fair.