Blue Highgate. Shirt released

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref blue Highgate shirt

Right guys since giving you a sneak preview this morning. We have been inundated with requests to purchase So we have released it earlier than planned.

The below shirt is now available to preorder from our online store

We will only be taking pre orders for a limited timescale, as in order to guarantee delivery first week in December

Another iconic shirt in the Highgate collection and will be an exact replica of the away shirt worn by the saddlers during the 84 / 85 season

Made by the same company who have done all our other retro tops So you are already aware of the quality it will be manufactured to

We have also introduced a full range of kids sizes for this particular top

Head over to our online shop to secure yours. , and remember we guarantee delivery by first week in December , so a perfect Christmas gift for any saddler

Don’t miss out on a truly iconic shirt from our history