Boli boli

Watching the England game, roger boli sons just come on for Ivory Coast. If only we had the days of signing players like him and peron again


Remember watching his son play for a team on the astro turf at bescot, he must have only been about 6

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Would that of been him? Maybe his brother don’t think the lad who came on tonight was born when his dad was at walsall

That overhead kick……


Boli’s overhead kick.


Brilliant days. Bukran too.

Sadly, Brexit rules out such signings for the foreseeable…

Don’t think we will ever see the days of signings like suntan man used to get ever returning tbh.

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when i was a nipper i played in the bescot sunday league. Roger Bolis son and Jeff Perons son both played for our team during their short stint with Walsall. I cannot believe Jeffs son did not go professional they were all top notch!

It’s sad but I have to agree, I think the quality of those days are behind us. We could sit here for hours reminiscing over those players. Even the English ones we had like samways etc.
I guess we will have to make do with Guthrie and osadabe

A highlight of the Bonser years, when we were early adopters of several strategies - like the off field income from the market, concerts, entertainment suite, conferences, and sourcing foreign talent (Sun Tan Man). Everyone caught us up since then and we’ve done nothing different, hoping that those halcyon days will return. They won’t. Football’s changed.


Spot on. We innovated and created a competitive advantage that meant that we could transcend a position that wasn’t dissimilar to where we are now through to our more “natural” level and then ultimately up and beyond that without racking up huge debts.

It is a real shame that the legacy of the Bonser years isn’t an ongoing platform of creativity and innovation rather it is a rent bill that serves to create a competitive disadvantage in a club that seeks to make an operating profit in a football world where living way way beyond your means is the norm.

Which currently makes us a lower half fourth division club.