Bolton and Bury

Bolton allowed to play on Sat, but Bury not, with further pending. Given the season will have already started, I wonder what will happen if Bury are expelled?

5 up from L2? With a knock on down the leagues?

There will be 1 fewer relegation spot in each league, not one more promotion.

League would get reduced to 22 teams apparently, too late to promote back up from league 2 (which would be Plymouth).

Shows last year was the worst time to get relegated from league one. Staying up would be pretty easy this year with Bolton and Bury all but down before a ball is kicked.

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Bury should not have been allowed to be promoted.


Bury have been taking the ■■■■ and spending beyond there means for years now signing the likes of Leon Clarke Tom pope Jermaine Beckford and Nicky Ajose and Maynard in recent years they deserve everything they get as a club but I do feel sorry for the fans.


It will be interesting to see what team Bolton put out. They only have 7 players!

Just heard Bury official on talk sport crying for help and for people to stop beating them with a stick ! Well no I’m sorry but you rolled the dice , splashed the cash you hadn’t got and now must pay the price. Sick of these clubs taking the ■■■■. You fold and start again at the very bottom


Were they crying for help when they went up last season?



Bury have done this more than once, if you look at their signings over the last 5-6 years there is no way it was every sustainable.


He didn’t roll the dice, it was Stewart Day who left in December. This new guy also has terminal Leukemia so I do feel a fair bit for him putting all these hours in when he dosen’t have long left in the world.

Aside I agree with Killer. Bury had championship wage bill for a club which gets 2-3k when they signed guys like Beckford, Harry Bunn and Chris Maguire. Seems their main aim was just to get promoted to championship. Instead they finished bottom of league one in 17/18. They’re going the same way as Stockport did a decade ago. Compare them to how Rochdale run things, they’ve been a mainstay in league one for last decade.

This has happened before of course…April 2013

That’s when Day came in to “save” them.

They were also late with tax bills in Oct 2016.

Shows how inept the EFL are at just letting poor owners run amok.

It was summed how well on here a while ago by a poster: Bury spend money they don’t have and Walsall don’t spend money they do have.


No it might not have been him personally but the club took the gamble and that was my point. Just because it’s a different person at the helm doesn’t mean the club should be excused from blame and consequences.

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Apparently the owner they have now wasn’t fully approved by the FL.

Not looking good for Bury.
What a shame.
What a shithole.

Disgrace should be chucked out the league never mind suspended.

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Didn’t hear one apology from them for cheating the rest of the teams in the league with unsubstainable spending. Sorry for the fans only.


■■■■ them both.

Spot on. Of course you feel sorry for the fans but what bury have done over the last few seasons is symptomatic of all that is wrong in football. A club chasing the dream and spending well beyond their means while the governing body sits idly by letting them get on with it, no questions asked. Two games suspended, let’s feel sorry for everyone involved with those two clubs instead, especially at the start of a season and let’s kick bury out and get them to start again several divisions lower.


What exactly does supsended mean? To be played at a later date (midweek?) Hardly seems fair on Franchise and Accrington. Both should have the 3 points awarded and Bury should be made to pay compensation to Stanley for loss of earnings. If the EFL had any b@lls they would expel Bury from the league as a warning to others.


EFL have no balls though, so it’ll rumble on.

If this was the National League, they, and Bolton, both would have been expelled ages ago.