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Bolton Wanderers (A) F A Cup 3rd round, Jan 5th, 3pm


Thanks for that link. Got both sound and vision. Mind you, we were 1-0 up when I went to it…


Think you have to look at aswell why ball ends up wide so much…4-4-2 means two centrally have to cover so much ground and wingers (Ismail and Morris) are poor at tracking back in time). Also CBs useless at high ball, Guthrie for example misjudged header for 2nd and it went straight to Noone to get the cross in.

Leahy and Devlin aren’t great…but they are part of a unit that struggles every single game when put under attacking pressure.


Didn’t Keates have the best defensive record at Wrexham?

How on earth?


This aint centre halves, this aint the full backs - this is the whole team. The first defender is the striker.

That last goal was awful. The long ball, header missed, second challenge weak, keeper nowhere near the shot, Leahy and Devlin nowhere to be seen for the follow up. It’s just useless, completely useless defending, and we’ll go down unless it changes.


Keeper is poor as well.
He has to do better, second he should push away and the third he has to be braver and come and claim the cross.
But both Centre halves are shocking.


I don’t think it should be tentative any more. My comparison of this season and last has nothing to do with a comparison of the managers but it does show that clearly we’re getting something very wrong over the last 15+ matches in terms of defensive organisation, which involves all 11 players.


This isn’t just personnel. This is more than that.

Whatever Keates is doing, our defence is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.


Sorry but when Keates came to the club it was his ability to organise teams based around tight defense, I know Bolton have some class players (on paper) but this is laughable. Bare in mind that Bolton have only scored 8 goals at home all season, Donaldson hadn’t scored ever for the club and Magennis hadn’t scored for 19 games…utter bilge


Hard to comprehend what to make of that.

The positives - Cook was outstanding yet again. The only player in this side you can be proud of at the moment. He sticks his chest out and gives 100 no matter what.

Jarvis. That useless crock we’ve signed looked an absolute touch of class first half and although visibly tired he added something our wingers have missed for some time.

The negatives - well it’s pretty obvious. And has been all season. And the usual suspects will bring up the usual suspect but why is it panic stations EVERY time a ball comes into the box? It’s ridiculous. The Guthrie own goal. The Roberts parry. Why are they panicking so much? This should be Martins bread and butter. As for the corner, well what the ■■■■ is the whole team doing there? Absolutely ridiculous.

Also why did NOBODY get there foot on the ball in the first 20 minutes of the 2nd half while we are getting battered and calm things the ■■■■ down! That’s simple football. I mean people will rightly criticise the defence but we couldn’t keep the ball for toffee and even get out of our third! That’s what Dobson is supposed to be good at isn’t it? No composure at all. It doesn’t help the defence when we are just chipping the ball to the opposition repeatedly.

And Fitzwater, whose been as bad as the rest of them this season, coming back doesn’t solve any of this.


True enough, it’s not just personnel, it’s the whole approach and philosophy. That comes from the top, from the manager and his staff.

What we don’t have this year is anyone to hold the ball and relieve pressure. We can see just how important oztumer was now.


Keates’ post match mumble is going to be extra painful tonight .


Is it pure coincidence that Martin gets recalled and we ship 5 ???


Scary thing is if Bolton can start paying their bills again Cook is perfect striker for their style.

Can see them signing him after this as he was brilliant upfront.


“The lads will keep plugging away and keep working hard and all being well we will give the 1,000 plus who are travelling to Bolton a day to remember and be proud of.”

I’m embarrassed


Absolute shambles. Roberts in my opinion needs dropping. Does dunn deserve his chave


Nope, he’s even worse!


Bolton had scored 17 goals all year (according to WM) but they score 5 against us!


Is Ron Green available ? Fred Barber?


Yep, 8 goals at home all season…until we rock up !


Gives you an idea of the gulf between championship and league one nowadays.