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Bolton Wanderers (A) F A Cup 3rd round, Jan 5th, 3pm


Donaldson coming on should of been music to the ears of Guthrie, funny how he coped with pace but buckled under the physical approach.

I’d expect it to be th other way around.


That’s exactly it. The defence is way to set and immobile.

Do we win any? The Centre halves have been woeful for me.


LOL…thanks for copying my tweet :wink: #plagiarism

Just to add to the first screenshot - note also how the winger who’s just crossed it also had 2 further options for passes who are in open space. Where’s Ferrier? Where’s Cook? Where’s the 3rd other player (can’t tell who that would be) - there’s 8 walsall players in that screenshot… 3 of whom must be behind the play. Add that to the 2 who are effectively in no mans land (Devlin and Zeli)… and it’s not hard to see where our problems come from


You wrote a 300 word Tweet?


No I wrote something essentially exactly the same but in tweet format, even with the exact same screenshot, as what you said, yesterday


Afraid I didn’t see that - but glad we’re on the same wavelength.


Probably stood on the half way line in case we need an out ball and trusting our 8 defenders plus goalkeeper to deal with their 6 attackers.


7 defenders, plus keeper.

There’s 3 outfielders missing from the first screenshot. Away from home, thats too much.

There’s an element of laziness to this Walsall side as well - way too slow to get back, not willing to track etc.


Whether the photo caught them or not, the two strikers will be providing an outball,


Yes, well I forgive, but if it was a university examination board you’d be banged to rights :wink:


No dispute on what they’re providing, but 2 away from home is too much, 1 is ok, 2 is too much, 3 is like wtf?


I’m not sure you got my point.

I’m saying currently it’s the wide midfielder being attacked responsibility to close down the cross where as I think the full back on that side should close the cross and the opposite full back either stay spare or pick up a striker. The opposite wide midfielder taking their opposite wide midfielder. Just a shift in the marking patter and responsibilities. Nothing to do with mobility. As Simon states, in this setup Devlin remains in no mans land. That position isn’t dangerous and is Martins territory.

We do win the majority, but then it’s the second or third phases because we can’t clear the ball and relieve the pressure to reset the back 4.


Well shifting across = mobility.

I haven’t seen it. We win the easy ones. Anything that isn’t planted on one of their heads it’s like a scrap every ■■■■■■■ time.


There really is nothing to forgive. Congratulations on documenting the observation first however, I can tell that’s important to you.


I would be expecting Cook to occupy the space left by their full back and Ferrier to be looking to make his run into that corner behind cool to stretch the game


But you are looking at one frame? Lol the camera can’t have all but one of our players in it at any given time and that constitute effort and good defending.


I’m making a very simple point, again, seems to be beyond you.

We’re away from home, the ball is in our third and 3 of our players are not within 30 yards of the lateral position of the ball. Regardless of your footballing philosophy, that’s not a good position to be in.


So what you are saying is you literally want 10 men behind the ball no matter where it is on the pitch at any given point while we are away from home (and chasing the game by the way).

Doesn’t seem negative at all. It’s not beyond me, I disagree. You always seem to struggle with this yourself.


Make it as simple as you like, if someone disagrees, they disagree.


If we had all 11 in the box plus the subs and coaching staff, we’d still be ■■■■ at the back.