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Bolton Wanderers (A) F A Cup 3rd round, Jan 5th, 3pm


so are Villa


Apparently their lowest Saturday 3pm kick off attendance in post war times.


0-3 now. Smith on one of his 12 match winless specials.


Downing and O’Connor were fairly crap at times too, although better than this shower. Butler was the last reliable centre half we had.


They just hit the post


Don’t agree O’Connor was fairly crap.


Game over. Season over


Were a very good unit in 15/16 although of couse all round the team was way better in those times. Downing obviously had a shocker at Bradford and in play offs but overall good defend at this level.

Meanwhile Bolton cross the ball and score another goal…


They`ve just scored again. 4-2.


Slack, disorganised defending…


Free header, where the hell was the defence?


That is ■■■■■■■ embarrassing.


Bolton fans actually dancing to James Brown. Bless 'em.


4-2 to the trotters. they think its all over…it is now


Season far from over. Massive challenge to stay up now I think - got to stop the rot quickly otherwise confidence will be shot .


Are you mad? Need to try and stay up, impossible with this shower of a defence.


Cook hit the crossbar!


Cook hits the bar


Yes Scunny are winning again although gap is still 5 points.

So many of them are playing well at bottom so teams in mid table who’ve can’t win are falling…Rochdale in terrible form and losing 3-0 at home to Burton.


Cook hold your head up son, and U Jarvis…

The rest of you, get down Bridle Court, absolute mince