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Bolton Wanderers (A) F A Cup 3rd round, Jan 5th, 3pm


Cook so unlucky…way it’s going he won’t be here next season. Promotion favourite from league 1 will take him.


How exciting another relegation battle in League One under Jeff Bonser and his merry band of yes men.

Utter ■■■■


Ferrier booked…




Questions really need to be asked now. People keep saying that it’s happening because Devlin,leahy and Guthrie are no good but they were all in the team last year and we let nothing like this number of goals in. Only two things have changed - the players in front of them and the management team. The problem clearly must lie with one or both of them?


If we can get a couple of defenders in to strengthen then I can’t see why we can’t do a Barnsley. Jarvis supplying Cook is an attacking powerforce.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd its 5


Posh defence even worse, losing 5-0 to Boro.

Problem with 3rd round day nowadays is there just dosen’t seem that many shocks anymore…unless the favourite plays a virtual reserve team e.g. Cardiff.



Bagsy “naive” and “playing for their futures” in post match managerial bingo.


Agree - they aren’t great players and both Devlin and Leahy were bought as wing backs you would think , not conventional full backs … BUT the organisation needs to held to account …


Far too low in the table imo. Just get to 50 points as soon as possible so same as most seasons.


The defence is gash - they’ve had enough chances. Conceding 5 goals in 40 minutes is absolute boll ux. Get rid of Ismail, Guthrie, Martin and Morris and get some quality in for once.



■■■■ the lot off and start again - get a proper holding midfielder too.

Leahy, Devlin, Guthrie and Martin are ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■.


Equivalent fixture during O’Connor’s time -

Top class defending there eh? Not!


Homework for El nombre and co.

Go and look how many goals were from crosses.

Utter bilge.


And yet, as I said, 3 of those were in defence last year when we let far fewer goals in. So the answer would seem to lie elsewhere.


Forget the 4th round, we’re going down unless this defence is sorted out. Absolutely atrocious defending again.


Yeah. I wish our centre halves dealt with balls coming into the box better too.


We can all find a heavy Walsall defeat examples for any of our past defenders, what does that really prove? Do you want me to find an example of a heavy defeat with Butler involved?


Hence my tentative criticism of Deano. We’re getting worse at the back. As it stands we need to score 3 a game to stand a chance of a draw.