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Bonser , who wants him gone , and who thinks he should stay


There have been a large amount of fans on here calling for a change at the top , and also fans saying it could become possibly worse if he was to sell .
Would be interesting to hear , and get a percentage wise of which has the strongest feelings , and why ?


I want him gone ,The main reason is he’s lived on the basis that he’s saved the club for far to long and whilst doing so he’s bleeding it dry ,he’s took the club forward to a point then turned it into business venture,neglecting the football side and fans etc.I know a fair few years ago Pete Waterman showed an interest but he said there was to many loop holes etc.The only question would be ,who would take over ?.


Doesn’t matter what we want. It’s always been about what he wants. In my opinion, for what it’s worth, he’s more toxic than your average nerve gas.

Club saviour? Yeah, if you like zero ambition, grinding dullness, and an owner getting richer by the day while the stadium rots and the team stagnates.


I not only want Bonser gone but also his entourage i.e. Brother Bonser, Gamble, Mole and the rest of the spineless board members, and the kiosk staff, in fact every single one! Let’s start afresh!


I know Steve Jenkins had tried to twist Pete Waterman’s arm to put some money in with him to head a consortium but he wouldn’t have anything to do with it , which was a real pity as they are both fan’s but sadly Pete doesn’t come that regular anymore with his Radio commitment’s .


Gone! No vision, ambition, communication or respect.


I’d actually be surprised if anyone on here could provide a coherent defence of Bonser’s reign, let alone his acquisition, of WFC…


Ten years ago I’d have said there was a difference between the landlord and the owner. Now I despise both of them. He needs to short circuit his ego and sell up at a reasonable price, not hold out for every last penny. He’s made more than enough bleeding us dry.


I would prefer him to stay…better the devil you know etc.If there was someone daft enough to buy the club (and the ground) and plough money in, which would more than likely be lost due to our low fan base,then I’d welcome that.
Lets face it,if we gave away the match tickets, we’d be lucky to get past the 6,000 mark.The sums just don’t add up.The thing that would bother me greatly,is if Bonser had a heart attack and died suddenly.Would his family be prepared to plough money into the club?The club is not an attractive proposition,so what do they do,spend years trying to make it pay or take the easy option and sell the land for housing .
The only way Walsall will prosper,with or without Bonser,is if we have a really good cup run with all the prize money that would bring in,while at the same time finding a player to sell for a few million,while at the same time being lucky enough to have a couple really lucky signings (O’Connor,Boli,etc) plus some really good kids coming through.
If all that happened at the same time we would end up as a mid table championship club with absolutely no chance of getting in the Premier league, with between 5,000-6,000 home fans each weekand stil no chance of attracting a serious invester.
So the thing that worries me most is not Bonser being in charge,it’s when he kicks the bucket that bothers me.No one wants to invest in a small club like Walsall,and Bonser is stuck with a football club that no one wants to buy.


I have wanted the leech out for 20 years - I saw through his strategy a long time ago.



I think if he was to put the club up for sale … " the whole club "…someone would be interested , just like you quoted Pete Waterman said there were too many loop hole’s , as did Doug , and a few other’s because he still wanted to keep his greedy hand’s on part’s of the business .


Don’t quote me on this but from what I have heard he wants money for the club plus money for the land so will be tricky to find a buyer😗


Don’t you feel like Walsall have alway’s had this small fan base because we have alway’s operated as a small club.
I believe if some ambitious owner was to try to show the local people he wanted a successful Football Club by putting money in , and building a newer stadium , investing in player’s that are good , and of a proven quality , and make them want to stay because they realise we have ambition ,and make inward road’s to attract and show more , and more people that the Club was ambitious they would want to come , and support them.
The reason i stopped buying my season ticket’s was because i was fed up of conning myself that we were trying to win and progress .
No just the same old same old every season


Death will do us apart me feels. Sad if it has to come to that of course.

In his 70s so he really should be considering knocking the ownership on the head by now, even Ellis sold Villa eventually (although he was told to do that after having a heart bypass op in his 80s).

Hopefully his family will do the right thing.


Waterman used to sit by me and my friends back in the day. We asked him once about buying the club and his reply was, “When I was young I was stupid with my money…”
Make of that what you will, but it suggests to me it’s not an attractive proposition. I would still welcome ‘Bonsewer’ leaving though!


Even when we play Albion,Villa,Wolves and Blues we don’t get a full house,when we played Coventry city, nowhere near a full house and outnumbered by the away fans…if its not an attractive proposition to our own fans,why would a business man/woman be interested R&W.


But were talking about games that are still under the ownership of Bonser .

I do believe if what i’d said was to miraculously happen , and someone with the ambition show the town of Walsall … WE WANT TO PROGRESS… then i feel the gate’s would quadruple


But I think it can be.
We all know fans that don’t attend, and years of lack of investment in the playing side and zero ambition is coming home to roost.

With a new, ambitious chairman (who incidentally invests money in as opposed to takes £50Ok out every year, minimum) could bring us back from the dead, and get the the larger contingent of warzillions interested in the club again.

We only exists to pay the rent.


I wouldn’t start going again just because Bonser had sold the the club…you have to go back to the 1960’s early 70’s to see average gates over 6,000 and even that would still not make us attractive to a serious buyer.


No question, I want him gone. We have no idea what the potential of the club could be if we owned our own ground and had a socially skilled man/woman at the top who wanted to engage positively with the fanbase and was not afraid of appointing staff capable of working creatively.

I think the likes of Rotherham and Doncaster show what can be done, even if you have large clubs on your doorstep. The sad thing is, we may never get the opportunity to find out.