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Bonser , who wants him gone , and who thinks he should stay


It’s onr thing to draw conclusions, but you have to have proof. Otherwise you open up UTS to some nasty legal exposures.


Looks like @Welsh_Saddler has some more editing to do then :joy:


Lack of ambition, or stagnation, aren’t illegal. Even verbal conflict with part of fanbase is not. No law rules have been broken here, I assume.


It’s a bloody minefield mate, it never usually bothers me, but it does when my actions may affect other people. Or users of this site.


The Freehold of the stadium was rumoured to be worth £5 million back in 2011:


Headline should have read:

“Bonser leads potential buyer a merry dance”.


If you were a BILLIONAIRE you wouldn’t buy the club !!! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:. I would in the blink of an eye… you know why cuz it’s in my blood . So what if I lost 50 mill . I’d take my chance and roll the dice :game_die::smiley::smiley:


Think again Manc. You could ban all the Brexiteers :rofl:


No. Billionaires are billionaires for reason. And getting involved in football is a bad move.


Tempting… :grinning:


Old thinking Manc. Football is not what it was.


I ran a company which was part owned by Usmanov (Arsenal) and Moshiri (Everton). Both happy to invest in English football.


Maybe but you would have a lot of work with Walsall.


I don’t call it minefield, only legal matters. It’s fine to post opinions, to disagree, add some banter, but calling something illegal is little too far. In the worst case board will be closed, and, you know, this is the last board I participate. Ten years ago there were many net boards, now we have many Facebook groups, or other places, which I don’t like. Boards gone, like leaves in autumn. World changes even faster and faster.
And back on topic, I would say question is wrong. It’s not problem if someone stay or gone. Problem is, who or what will be next. What are exit strategy (74 years old, if information on the net are correct; if yes, some exit plan must be ready), plans for the future (5-10 years, not words about returning to Championship), some problems when you are on stadium (not for me, I live far away). But most important, silence from the club or broken relationship with the fans. Or paying customers. But it will be the same, only slight repaint job. I get used to it.


Just reading the 2011 article again and according to that Bonser is 74 this year.

Does he really want to be owning this club into his 80s? Plus you never know ill health could strike at any time as it has other club owners who’ve sold up in past decade (Doug Ellis, Dave Whelan etc).

If he is to do an interview/fan forum he needs to be asked seriously what state he wants the club left in when he’s no longer around and running things.

Maybe if he thinks seriously about this rather than just giving stock, dismissive answers that might be the first step.

I assume his brother is of a similar age so same applies to R. Bonser.


Said before but when he’s finally gone it’s more likely to be a foreign investor than local consortium imo.

All other Midlands clubs in last 12 months have been owned by Chinese owners/consortiums of various degrees of competance.

Crawley have a Turkish guy running things, was reading today about a Moroccan owner who’s not been paying the bills at Oldham last few months and you had that German duo at Bradford who don’t seem very popular given the way their season has generally gone…

Probably in 20 years all 92 will be foreign owner, just the way English football is going.

My guess would be eventually foreign guy/consortia will take a plump on Walsall. Could all go wrong and then eventually a fans consortium will pick up the pieces (similar to what happened when Pompey and Wimbledon had to rebuild).


The best thing that could happen to us


Think it could only happen realistically if the club declined into non league. Pick it up nominally for a quid and then rebuild from ground zero as indeed the favourite case study of Luton Town have done very well.

Then when rising up again pick up outside investor. Pompey did that with the Disney guy.

There’s no reason why Walsall couldn’t become a yo yo team between league one-championship with a bit more investment. Rotherham are doing it currently and they’re not that much a bigger club historically.


I think part of the issue is that everything JB has done is 100% legal, he’s a clever businessman. Our issues are more based in the ‘biggest fan’ v’s ‘rental’ realm.


Yeah. There’s legal, and there’s morally bankrupt.