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Bonser , who wants him gone , and who thinks he should stay


you don’t get rich by playing to the rules.


A lot of people here thinking the aim for protests is for some billionaire to take us to Champions League glory. Wrong.

Is it too much to ask for a change in mentality at WFC? To want to improve the football side of this club as much as they have wanted to improve The Venue? For fans to be able to have a good match day experience feeling that they are getting their moneys worth?


Exactly. For me, it’s literally about being able to be part of a football club that isn’t just geared towards servicing one person’s pension fund.


That’s a bit of a generalisation.


And vegans :rofl:


It’s scary how out of touch you are in regards to Walsall FC.

Right now it feels like I support a business, not a football club. That isn’t right.



I imagine you are a meat and two veg man. All over cooked with plenty of salt to kill off any remaining taste.


Here’s the problem with that line of thinking:

I’m not going to read the entire Brexit thread but here’s what I think.

May is the Prime Minister. Whether you or I or anybody want’s her gone it is entirely up to her and her alone. We have no choice in the matter so it is very much a moot discussion. Even if you think protests will work - they won’t unless the numbers are huge and the protests hit the country in the pocket - i.e. millions revolt and the economy collapses to nothing.

So what is the point of even going against what she says? Just accept it and move on with the Red White and Blue Brexit.


I was going to post something very similar to this. Top post.


Bit unfair blaming this all on @RedandWhite and his friend @Blue


One of the few clubs in the league that turn a profit, even after paying yourself 450K a year :thinking:


Bish bash bosh :rofl:


Nail head.


Okay. Fair enough. But the one thing I will say to that is that at least May can be ousted. Bonser owns the club.


It’s not necessarily about getting Bonser out (as much as we’d all like that). It’s about putting football and the fans first!


Who’s a nail head?


Removing Bonser isn’t an achievable goal. Making him honour the responsibilities of owning our club (facilities, communications, customer service) is achievable, and could also act to accelerate his departure.


Exactly. He’s an 80 year old bloke whose literally made millions out of the club and has openly said he’s willing to listen to offers. Ok, those offers may take some time to materialise.

But the asking price may drop considering those factors and if we hassle him enough and he decides he can’t be arsed with it.

I’m not expecting Sheik Mansoor to walk through the door tomorrow and to flop his massive wallet on the table.


That’ll be the next act booked in the Bonser suite.


This is an interesting model.